God Is An American

     Now,Parliment, You could consider the above as much of a “Tracing Board” as any you might have seen in checked floored temples.    Tell me why.🦉 Source: The Incredibly Talented, Mr. Matt Sesow www.sesow.com  

Chapter 17: “Truth” Without Compassion Is BRUTALITY

And it came to past one day, after the existential Schism had completely ripped the body into two, that James finally decided to give up his quest. You see, without renewal or support from fellow camp hosts, James’ forehead was carved with stress marks & sheer exhaustion. He simply had no more energy to give & the desire to had …

Head Like A Hole

Yes, I mean you, with the hateful-ness. Don’t say I didn’t try & don’t say I didn’t warn you. I lost the wager on your behalf & now You’re fucked major. F3EL HER WRATH!!! Bcuz, your head is like a hole. Sweet dreams & Happy Heart Valves, FB Dickheads!

Two Playas Down, On The Left

Once upon a time, in a beach side city close by, there lived a budding young Apprentice Magus named Ryan M. Keenan. Ryan was a unique , but young soul,thirty for esoteric knowledge & applied wisdom like a cacti in the desert. Ryan was originally from Arizona,as his parents still lived there,but he had always hated the tumbleweeds & ultraconservative …