Chapter: 3+6+9 Dimension-al Thinking, Speaking B-U-T & “The Lan-gauge of the B-irds”

Rooosetttaaa StttoooonnnEeb The DE-S-IRE of the blog reader, writer,creator,poet or other WordMage-s IS as great a power-se-cret as The Philosopher’s Stone!?!! It is the GREEN light to level-ing up/down. Eye Don’t recognize JAMIEESPY .com, But the IIiiII’s just seem So familia. Like the actual artifact(&song), this following Fable is deciphered into 3 levels of Language. Enjoy! <3, J.E.

CHP one-one : The Polarization of Duality, Wonky Equinox-i & What That Means For YOU!

…..~~~~~~Chapter 4444444thcoming~~~ #FOLD your furry #EARS if you Do WANT to NOThear THISorTHAT If YOU want2 SEE the *HandPicked Music Selection 4 this blog page. Please hepatitis C—-> here. LYRICS should B included. UPDATE:….. 03/10/2018 8:31am Poetic Artistic COMPLETELY & ENTIRELY Fictional Wordplay-FLO~W: D-ResistANT 2ur <3…..URL <3> by “Rory Recipe‘ (*TM)”: You know what they say,hear,feel,repeat “An Apple A Dxxx, …

(END) Chapter 17: *PDFs,MP3s & ANoTHER Investigative Mull-er

(a.k.a. im so exhausted from this flow but i <3 IT! Body In @ $$$$$$$$700,000,000$$$$$$$$ —Chapter Forthcoming0o—Subtitled: #Real Freedom or Imaginary (#Innate) Enemies- YOUR Choice PDFs,MP3 & Another Investigative Mull-er <—-(body In @) (2b The)—> (of url OWN)—-> U2 must know b4 u on your creative)—> . That & mayORmaynot URl in the —> —, B-ut Either , It’s gonna …

Now You’re Playing with xP-O-W-E-R!

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Did Your Sister Kick YOUR ASS in Ms. Pac-Man?

Sisters Kicked Your Ass With Ms. Pac-Man How many quarters did you feed thishungry machine back in the day? How many times did your sister whip your butt for the high score?  Read More