God Is An American

     Now,Parliment, You could consider the above as much of a “Tracing Board” as any you might have seen in checked floored temples.    Tell me why.🦉 Source: The Incredibly Talented, Mr. Matt Sesow www.sesow.com  

Chapter Two: Destiny & The Game Store

Chapter Two: Destiny & The Game Store   It was  near the middle of Summer 2013 when I first signed up for the podcast. It was a typical busy Summer day on the grounds & something to help fill the monotony of mundane labor was desperately needed. As I fumbled through my Podcast Player, one hazy name in particular stood …

If You’re Ready, I’m READY!

All You Have To Do Is REACH OUT & We Can Take This RIDE into HYPERSPACE Together,Brother. >On a level only we know is pure< When/If you hear The Call, I’ll be right here,k? <3, J.E.

A Dreamer With Some Cash BY: JAMIE ESPY

You talk and you talk until your face is blue; putting all that effort in, You bust your ass learning those new apps; Logging hours in on Chrome; But The years roll by and you’ve kept your pace; remaining loyal to your craft, Floating Robustly Down The Nile of Happy, you start to earn some serious dough, A bonadfide threat …