Two Playas Down, On The Left

Once upon a time, in a beach side city close by, there lived a budding young Apprentice Magus named Ryan M. Keenan.

Ryan was a unique , but young soul,thirty for esoteric knowledge & applied wisdom like a cacti in the desert.

Ryan was originally from Arizona,as his parents still lived there,but he had always hated the tumbleweeds & ultraconservative Republicans this place was known for.

Fortunately for him, Ryan also had the amazing gift of creating something out of nothing,but it was in a faaar more technical,digital way than his Guru.

One season, Ryan manifested $30,000 week-all Summer long just because Dr. Oz happened to mention African mango extract on his show one day.

Ryan was easily a millionaire by the age of 24 and showed no signs of slowing his roll anytime soon.
However, Ryan wasn’t like the rest of the youthful,newly wealthy “Bright Young Ones”.

He felt the stirrings of the Aether from an early age too- he also knew what her voice sounded like, making his tutelage an absolute joy & pleasure to initiate.

The Guru loved his Apprentice dearly. Not in a perverse ,TMZ kind of fashion,but in a plutonic manner seldom understood by lesser men.

You see, Ryan had found his way to the Guru’s feet at the tender age of 17-in a Tempe coffeehouse one hot night & had remained as close to him now as that first night they met.

Now that Ryan was almost 30,his priorities started to shift and the game began to play a bizarre new round of War with him through his work.

He had never been smarter & more prosperous with his finances, mostly forgoing all the gaudy signs& trappings of wealth of the neuvo riche’ except on the bright-ass canary yellow Lamborghini Countache he purchased when he made his first million in Bitcoin.

The Guru often playfully joked with Ryan about how E.T. could see that damn car color all the way from his galactic home in Space, but after all, Ryan was a diligent human & why shouldn’t he enjoy that god-awful colored, fancy Italian sportscar. He had certainly earned it.

The Guru was also constantly having to ground Ryan from the high stakes of his money game, for with every new million he made, Ryan began to become obsessed with the numbers & a capitalistic sickness began to form in his Soul.

$14,734,312 was the combined total of all his current balances in his many Sheshelle Island business accounts, and yet, that somehow started to feel like it just wasn’t enough.

Every waking moment was beginning to be spent watching numbers & website hits for ways he could get that massively gigantic bank number larger.

This sickness began to alienate him from practically everyone one else in his life, even his much-honored Guru.

The Guru was saddened as he watched his favorite,awe-inspiring protege’ slowly start to forget the very first wisdom he learned in the Kybalion that first night,so long ago.


The Guru knew he was powerless to intervene this time,as his benevolent actions were suddenly being taken as hostile & intrusive.

Little by little, Ryan & the Guru began to drift apart. RELENTLESS CAPITALISM had now,somehow become his new God.
This new worship was a greedy one,not leaving a single moment during the day for peaceful relaxation or reflection.

That kind,bright,once baby-face of the Guru’s favorite student had now been replaced by a far more solemn,stressful countenance of a man that could no longer see anything else but the next acquisition.

Tiny grey hairs had even popped out on the temples of this far-too-young-for-that entrepreneur & the Grey Goose never seemed to stop flowing.

The Years passed ever-so nonchalantly between Ryan’s death and the last time he & the Guru spoke.

The Gods did,however, generously grant a two month reconnection before this premature passing, during which the following,profound conversation took place.
One the Guru would
never,ever forget.

To Be Continued

“He was the type that you could tell was very
empathic toward those who suffered; yet there was a glimmer in his eye… when he spoke… it told you he enjoyed the thrill and adventure of a pre-apocalyptic great earthquake….. ”