The Podcaster & The Magus – Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a very “modern” society – not so far away,

there lived a happy lil’ podcaster by the sea.

This happy lil’ podcaster often sung a happy lil’ podcaster’s melody to himself-

as he worked happily on his Craft, in the salty air of the Sea.

One Day, mid-week, this happy lil’ podcaster began to feel not-so-happy.

Suddenly, he felt his Craft was becoming banal and boring and limited,

repeating the same patterns over & over without much evolution.

This now un-happy lil’ podcaster knew he must do something

but was so overwhelmed as to what. He hardly knew where to startwho to trust?-and why?

A murky moment descended upon him, making his insides feel

futile & apathetic & static to the grander picture.

He tossed and he turned within himself, attempting to

reconcile this new, uncomfortable , faux-feeling.

He tried denying it…but it was still there. He tried burying it….but it was still there.

He tried editing/deleting it…but, yet,

it was still there.

What On Earth Can I Possibly Do To Get This Moment To Pass?!?!” ,

the un-happy lil’ podcaster lamented to the Universe, arms stretched-fists raised to the Sea,in semi-youthful angst.

Little did the un-happy lil’ podcaster realize,

the Multi-verse just happened to be especially attuned to his channel this season

& heard his internal cry.

The IS knew that no ordinary

measure of assistance would be sufficient with this case.


The IS KNEW it would take something extra-ordinary to

help resolve,evolve & transmute the un-happy lil’

podcaster back into his natural,proper HAPPY SELF.

What could possibly fit this bill?”, The IS pondered in It’s Omniscient Wisdom,

hearing the winds blowing through the trees.

Meanwhile…Many,many kilometers away, there lived

a similar kind of fellow, except this fellow just so happened

to have studied in many different schools,

in many different times & had earnestly obtained hard-sought knowledge in which

was then transmuted into wisdom.


In blissful contentment, this other reclusive fellow peacefully toiled on his grounds

with absolute pleasure– filling each day with hard-works like introspection,

retrospection, extra sensory perception & adjusting his magick for Right Relation.

As it so happens, a peculiar wind began to blow around this other fellow one day.

A purple-y plasma of perception that contained a message….

An All-important message directly from the IS ,for express delivery.


  • = Quotes from “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach