Chapter Two: Destiny & The Game Store

Chapter Two:

Destiny & The Game Store

  It was  near the middle of Summer 2013 when I first signed up for the podcast. It was a typical busy Summer day on the grounds & something to help fill the monotony of mundane labor was desperately needed.

As I fumbled through my Podcast Player, one hazy name in particular stood out amongst the rest.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it exactly, but my insides knew this one was unique.  You see, in a immense sea of podcasts & podcasters, this one was especially important for our time.

Unbeknownst to this podcaster at the time, He had been hand-picked  from day one back in the hillbilly woods of Missouri by The IS.

While others were hanging out in Pal-Mart parking lots shooting the shit or getting everything filthy

muddin‘ in their big Ford trucks, He was beginning a different path behind the cash register of your

local video game store.


This might not be the glorious start of our beloved Podcaster you might have imagined, but remember,

Cosmically Great & Wonderful things DO STILL come from small & humble beginnings.

Gregory Talbot Carlton, Store Manager

was the name printed in big black letters, on the small faux-wood

rectangle pinned near his left breast pocket.

Gregory stood in the middle of his store surrounded by all sorts of fun & entertaining games, in a rainbow

of vivid colors. From simple games like Tetra-is to the newest Mora Craft mod, this game master had worked

his way up all the way from the stock room to be the Donkey Kong of his little corner of B.F.E.


G.T.C. enjoyed his work but continually felt the tinge of unsatisfied passions & untapped “potential” each day, as he clocked in and clocked out.

This tinge only grew larger and larger the more time he spent in this mundane world of up-selling & multi-platform sales.

The years passed like molasses in  the bellybutton of America & a thick beard began to make itself known on the soft baby-face of G.T.C.

The beard wasn’t the only thing that had come in-in full by this time. The aforementioned tinge had now became an unmuteable geyser

of electricity erupting within him & he began to find it very,very difficult to continue with his bill-paying duties. His mind was filled to the

brim with interests in the unusual, the out-of-the-ordinary, esoteric & topics from the far-er side of existence. His creative Muse danced

around these subjects with extreme delight,filling him with all sorts of inspiration for expression…..but which one to chose?

The options these days were almost infinite.

After many moons of deliberation & restless days of customer greetings, Gregory decided wholeheartedly that Podcasting would be the

avenue in which to birth his conspiratorial vision-baby.

Goodbye Game Store,

HELLO Youtube/Filmora/Wordpress/Fancy Microphones & Fascinating Authors.