Chapter 6: She Said Her Name Was “El…Vira”

Chapter 6:

She Said Her Name WasEl…Vira

To This very day, G.T.C. has been unable to truly articulate the feeling that came over him when he saw the first shithole of an apartment he & Wes managed to procure in San Diego.It only had one bedroom and juuust barely a full bath.

Sandwiched tightly between the
kitch…well, place where you prepare food and

the teeny-weeny living room was the bathroom.*dun dun dun

Now initially, this might not sound like such a big deal, but just imagine trying to pinch a loaf when all your buddies were just
4 feet away,playing video games & eating pizza in the room directly adjacent.

Not a pretty picture to see...or smell 
at all.

Despite the outrageous price tag of $1400 a month for this shoebox of a domicile, the Wonderment Twins were thrilled to their cores to be free of the
hick-y,redneck-y environment of their upbringings & were laughing their blazed heads off, poking fun at the not-so-conspicuous location of the John.

They were oceanfront!!!

Well, they could see the ocean from their new digs,at least.

It must’ve been a good 3 1/2 miles away,but who cared.
They were both feeling footloose in a brand new,liberal beach town,

hundreds of miles away from anything they even remotely recognized

or had ever visited before. They even had a decent gameplan.

What could possibly go wrong?

In a feat only accomplished by seasoned Tetris Masters, G.T.C. & Wes skillfully persuaded all the contents of Wes’ overstuffed land yacht into the minuscule living area.

"Jesus, the damn car is 
as big as the whole friggin' apartment!" 
Wes shouted with a mouth full of sarcasm.

They even managed to get that big-ass creepy sculpture a hippie gal-pal gifted them into the cramped quarters. This particular effigy was suppose to evoke prosperity fertility & that sort of hippie-dippie thing.

You’d recognize it if you saw it. His folks jokingly call it the “Booby Statue” with it’s bulbous hips & wide frame. As wacky & bizarro as it looked, these pair of restless do-gooders had an odd affection for the work of Art.

Besides, It was just nice to have a little piece of home in the new space.