Wait A Minute,Mr. Postman!

You forgot the THC grinder.  =)


Afternoon,All –

Look what just appeared, like a genie from Aladdin’s Lamp, in MY MAILBOX =)

P.D.Q after ordering it,too!

Maaan, the looks I’ve already gotten at the hillbilly Chevron I live near.      #LoveItYo!
You said it would happen & it does =D
Also, Big Kudos for the comfy factor! Nothing worse than spending

your moolah on a (conspira-)Tee that feels like friggin’ sandpaper!

Now, All that is left is the THC Grinder I ordered to arrive.

That baby will be put into IMMEDIATE action =D
Lovin’ all the killer designs! This one made me *giggle.

P.S. Dear Mrs. T.- Are you ready to trip this beeeotch..errr,branch of THC into the 6 digits?

If not- No worries. Halfsies are cool too.;)
*please pardon my French

P.S.S. For the Folks that might be thinking it. NO, I’m not on Mr. Carlwood or THC’s payroll. I am NOT a marketer incognito. I was not hired to breath new air into a gasping forum. *That’s just a by-product.Besides, I am far more REAL than that. Don’t believe me? then come Find out for your damn self!;)