The True Power Of “Connected” Representation

So you took the Leap of Self-Faith and cut the corporate cord. Despite EVERYONE not having a clue what you were doing,much less the ability to actual see your vision & show support.

You’ve fought your mega-dragons of self-doubt & inner demons of worthiness just to wonder if YOU were,in fact, the spooky one all along.

You’ve had the delicious opportunity to serve up some roasted crow to all the de-tractors and nay-sayers from your past and have laid solid claim to your niche’, the fruits of infinitely hard work made manifest by the power of YOUR Imagination & the helping hands of your Patrons.

You are, literally, on top of your game right now

& anyone/everyone in the genre knows it.

SO why do you still have that little irking feeling on the insidelike a papercut on your gumline– nothing serious,yet constantly unsatisfied.

Now, I must choose my next words carefully ….Defense mechanisms are on high-alert…

Q: Do you feel like you have achieved everything you want to creatively manifest with your current project?

Q: Can you possibly fathom working with another on the same goal (in any capacity) because you can not fathom them ever taking things as seriously & professionally as you because that has always been your experience? Not to replace but to enhance & evolve.

Q: Are you satisfied with the level you have achieved thusfar? Are you still doing everything practically all by your lonesome?

What are the parameters of that success environment?

Pretty fantastic,I bet, BUT I JUST KNOW YOOOUUU KNOW there is more to be made manifest.

I just know you,Creator & Composer, can feel that too! How could you have made it to this point and not be able to feel it.

Remember Folks, one of the things we all learned together last season was “celebrity” DOES NOT/CAN NOT trust anyone that they did not know before they popped their Fame cherry.

This is 99.9998% true in all cases,from that well-known local mattress salesman to the hottest thing at the box office. It appears to be just a part of that beast, the nature of that game.

In my experience, I have NEVER known of any “player” able to skirt the rules. Not even Kurt or Elvis.

Mannequins in the store Windows,bro. The entire lot.


You can no longer afford to give massive personal energy away in vain. Save it for your damn self.

Q: Who represents you & your interests in the jungles of this fickle path you’ve chosen? Esoteric Support System?

Q: Other than your spouse (whom is obviously the most important channel of support with which none of this would even be possible) Do you have that existential support personage(s) ready to push you to places you just can not reach by yourself? That is not just a “yes-person”? Ones not already wrapped from head to toe in their own marketing schemes?

Who knows the answer to these questions or why they are even pointing in this direction. You do,I bet.

As usual, I simply open a channel & surf the incoming flow.

It is nice to spend time with you all again. Thank you kindly for your emails & inquiries. Hope to see many of you over the Summer!