I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mr. Jamie Espy….


I know,right?!  How many times did I SWEAR I would NEVER do this.  About a hundred be-zillion-trillion for those that don't know me yet.

Now I'll join the millions of
other lovebirdswith a mushy,obscure
wedding song. Huh,Bunny Face?;)

What can I say. I'll spare you all the mushy stuff & say that I found someone that pairs nicely with the other half of my Gemini-Twix candy bar.

I'm the artiste'. He's the numbers guy. I'm the deep documentary dude. He's the Impact Wrestling guru.  We balance each other out nicely!

After almost 5 years of dating, we decided to take it to the next level and file our marriage application last week.

I'm not really into the ceremony part of things,but Ian wants to do something external in the near future.

Happy Days,Folks!