Hey You Guuuys…

Hey hey people,

It has been a little while since we’ve last hung out. Spring gives way to a very busy tourist season & less time/energy gets spent here.

Don’t worry,though,because writing is like breathing for me. It must happen as long as I’m alive. Thanks for your patience.

You folks have been super-cool. We were crescendo-ing around the Oscar’s last month then BAM, we hit a major speed bump.

I’ve already told you guys about this. Honestly, there are parts of me still reeling from Winter 2017.

Kinda PTSD,even,but all is well now.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately over on the Higherside Chats Plus Forums , but after this past winter, I am so very leery to give my time,energy & creativity to anyone/thing that did not specifically ask for it.

In my experience, it is extremely unwise to think that there is ever anything behind the Mannequins in the Store Windows.

How many times do I have to fall for it,like I’m not educated, like I don’t know the game. Like they ever understand and don’t let their “star” ego fuck everything up or think you aren’t shit or have anything to offer just because you don’t have a vowel at the end of your last name.

This always leaves me in an uncomfortable limbo. I want to stop blindly giving of myself to anyone or thing that doesn’t even know I exist.

This seems like the ultimate definition of craziness and a supreme exercise in futility.

Therefore, I will reel my energy back in & those that hear the Call will find their way to G.L.C. then THAT is how I will measure their sincerity and readiness to proceed. Easy-peasy

Meanwhile,I’ll be right here doing what I do;)