Artist’s Moment #35965

04/29/18 6:37PM

Lauren is singing to my Muse & My Muse is making

me wonder if you, Sir, really understand your importance

and position right now? Seriously. No bullshit. OR

Have they co-oped you yet?

We aren't stupid.

If they can get to Henrik, they certainly can get to you,Mister Man.

Don’t worry, I won’t post this one in your forums.

This one is between you & me…and well, maybe my WordPress Readers.

**UPDATE: ” Oh no, they’re cartoons. It’s so typical of me to talk about this stuff, I’m sorry..

I am especially sensitive to all the crap you got from people for simply pursuing your curiosity back in the day…I see your downward glances of hurtfeelings when people you loved looked at you like you were fucking crazy! I see your heart,man. Far past all this mundane label shit…I see your soul in all it’s full glory. IT is what has drawn my attention. IT is what is sustaining my attention…until you finally resonate. You will. It’s just a matter of time, i know. There is so much interference. Don’t worry,though. I’m not going anywhere 😉

Like so many of them, I constantly ask myself if folks like you are for real? Can you blame me?

After the bamboozling we got with Art Bell waay back in the day & RIR going all neonazi on us. I’m surprise any of you have ANY LISTENERS period. But, I digress.

I’m not a mean-fuck,but that’s the World we live in. You know that,as well as, I do.

What frustrates the shit out of me most is I CAN‘T answer these questions myself.


And stop having to find out the old-fashion way. My wrists are killing me!

All joking aside,

My own personal energies are too close to this subject matter, rending my super powers null & void 😉

*Damn it ,Janet!

HELLO from the Fellow by the Fireside….

( Fuckin PEARLS before SWINE,I tell ya.)