BEWARE the Fake THC on YT,My Dear Readers & Campers!

Afternoon, Fellow Critical Thinkers,G.L.C. Campers & my dear WordPress Readers,

BEWARE: There appears to be a FAKE “The Higherside Chats” channel on YT.
HOW TO TELL: This channel does not have a “The” in front of Higherside,PLUS, the thumbnails are OBVIOUSLY not G.C.’s killer episode pics.
However, this schmuck IS using the THC logo for that channel.
Dude,how do you handle trolls like this??
Why do people do shit like this?
Don’t they have something better to do?? Like create their own expression instead of stealing others. Oy vey! *facepalm


*leans in close
This dumb bastard is making $MONEY$ off YOUR HARD-WORK!!! Maaaan, does that piss me off!

Ya know, I do have a “voodoo doll” in the back for cases JUST LIKE THIS. Let me know if you’d like me to start pushing some pins. ;)

As you can tell with the attached comments above from that phony channel,

WAIT a friggin’ minute, holy shit…. THEN WHO THE HeeeeELL HAVE I BEEN TALKING TO on this end, I wonder?

What the heck,maan? *scratches head

04/25/18 3:28p:

okay, let me get this straight in my head – BCUZ-

I’ve been subscribed to the fake channel since January & only JUST THIS AFTERNOON, subbed over to the REAL one (I don’t watch YT that much but while waiting for my oil change, I ran into this fake asshat‘s channel.). And ALL THIS TIME, I’ve been carrying on a conversation with someone whom obviously was not the REAL CARLWOOD. Fuuuck, man.

I must have “SUCKER” painted on me somewhere. It’s true in my case apparently, a fool & his money ARE soon parted…TWICE! grrrrrrr. **double facepalm

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