A Gay Letter To A Str8 Podcaster…

Hey hey,Folks. Good Evenin' & HAPPY 4-motherfuckin'-20!!

So,I just deleted this post from one of the THC forums because it's just destined to be taken the wrong way,if even read at all....and next thing you know, BAAAM, I've been banned from the site and membership revoked for simple typing a heart-felt posting.

And THAT would be a gawd-damn shame too b-cuz, just like many of you, I really enjoy this podcast ,it has long become apart of my regularly scheduled programming.  

It would be a true shame to have that happen.

Why do I feel this way?  Because precedent has taught me that most of you spotlight-y types , frankly, aren't REAL!

All Hollywood Types
are BRANDS, registered
-bloody-trademarks &
nothing more.

And YES, I know the illusion of HOLLYWOOD and actors and all that other bullshit. But maaan, I told the Universe...i said

"UNIVERSE, in all of cyberspace, there is ONE redeemable podcast out there in a sea full of Joel Osteen rejects....Yes,Mother, ONE!"

So, she gave me a chance to prove it...which is what I'm doing right now.

But the Thoth deck is telling me you are more likely to get all butt hurt with my comments than to actually hear where I'm coming from..So, THAT is what I am now preparing for.

*Note to Self: OK-AY mister Longwinded Southerner..Get to the point.

Okay, this is the "Gay Letter" to the Str8 Podcaster:

"Yowser! What an opener, eh? *spins bottle

Never have I ever ________.

As liberal as I am, my stomach clenched a little for you, if you are into reading your forum posts.

In fact, I'm kinda glad there was no answer to this very old posting B-CuZ #1) mystery is marketable #2.) We obviously know the answer now. Mazel Tov!!! Greg + Theresa Forever~ awww*

I do have a "gay" bone to pick with you though,sir.

Wait! That didn't
off right,but
you know
what I mean.

I get you have your "gay uncle" and that experience.

*squints eyes

I get that you support all kinds of people from all walks of life,yada yada yada....

BUT TELL ME, good sir, in your ENTIRE (now) VAST CATALOGUE of killer shows -

 Have you ever 
had a "gay guest" on?
No, not JUST GAY but their
talent PLUS being gay

Because, you see, I don't think
you really know ANY GAY PEOPLE
at all. None. Not one real
, actual  LGBTQ  friend.

And if that is the case, what
does that tell my people about
you, and furthermore,
your show.

It would only take just
ONE more H.P. to turn many of us
off from podcasts & podcastERS

Hold on-
I know what you are thinking -

You've invited Rupaul on
& she just
won't respond.

Plus, That's not really an appropriate question put on the potential guest application, not to mention, none of anyone else's business. 10-4

- BUT - do you realize how many of us listen to you? Do you know how many OF US support you? Yes, I am speaking tribal-ly.

(no,no,no - I don't want a prize or a cookie for what I give & support freely. Nor am I trying to bully you. It's not like that,man.That is not where I'm coming from)

& ,aside from the better-late-than-never inspiring story about your Uncle - I might have never know you were even cool with us...or worse, assumed you were a bit....well,a bit Duck Dynasty on the issue. (assuming the type that doesn't bother to actually listen to the content.just judges on glances.we all do it)

**Now, i don't want this tone getting nasty & aggressive - that is not my intention with writing this novel reponse .

Nor, am I trying to pick a fight with anyone.

I am simply making an observation, in which, I will be happy to be corrected about...however, I've been roaming through the Archives before writing this response.... Even the ones I downloaded from your catalogue that are not upon the site....and NADA. Not even a hint of gay people anywhere.
..well, at least, not outed ones.

(Don't worry. I would
do that. =x)

I realize that you are not a gay advocate nor have absolutely any responsibility to be.

You are,however, a highly respected & admired podcaster in whom, IF THERE IS ANYONE DECENT left in this genre, it is you...and again, I appreciate you sharing the very personal family details. In my experience, You have always walked your talk before.

This community was certainly listening when you first announced it...Ya know, discussing it in all our monthly agenda meetings.

I'm not really asking for anything,as I know you aren't anti- gay.

You've made it a point many times to point out the difference between the words "gay" & "pedophile" & I have commented to let you know it is sincerely appreciated.

* It's important you feel like I"m not busting your balls, but really maybe, I am a little.

Who am I to have the balls to do such a thing? Well, i've left enough threads to answer that question by now.

On a capitalistic side note, I'm looking VERY FORWARD to the THC Grinder & Moon Shirt (too funny!) that I ordered today from The Higherside Clothing Company.

Did my order number strike you as odd? It struck me as odd...lol

Here's hoping you aren't really all EDDIE BRAVO when the microphone is off;)

Don't kill the messenger,yo!

Happy 4-20!"