A Dreamer With Some Cash BY: JAMIE ESPY

A Dreamer with Some Cash
By: Jamie Espy

You talk and you talk
until your face is blue;
putting all that effort in,

You bust your ass learning those new apps;
Logging hours in on Chrome;

You neglect your dear spouse in your passionate pursuit...
" Hey ET! Phone Home!!!"

But The years roll by and you've kept your pace;
remaining loyal to your craft,

Then suddenly, one day - it happens, Splash!
Your Life Becomes A Raft;

Floating Robustly Down The Nile of Happy,
you start to earn some serious dough,
A bonadfide threat you can now become;
all while smoking on some 'Dro

Just Where will you put your jedi time,
Inquiring Minds want to know,
Because NOTHING in the Universe
Could Be More Dangerous,
Than A Dreamer

With Some Cash,