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Welcome Back, Folks!

Dearest J.P. Hartsong  

    Pardon the delay,lately. The 2018 Season has definitely kicked off & I'm busier than a one-armed prostitute in a jack-off contest. For REAL! =D

As usual for this time of year, I enter back into this Arizona-y-GrandCanyon Energy & my mind hits the business books,getting ready for tax day!  Yeehaaw!

As I was pouring over the camping ground numbers from last year, 3 things happened:

1.) I burned the shit out of my thigh from dropping the cannabis pipe,upon seeing the final numbers.

2.) Aside from the tax incentives, I began to think about the organizations & people that have influenced my growth.

3.) I made an internal promise to myself to foster these organizations and share the prosperity G.L.C. has manifested,as best I can.

This benevolent intention was not as easy to arrive at as one might think.

Then Again:

People give millions of dollars each year to people they will never ever meet. Wouldn't this be a No-Brainer?

Cathartic- YES!
Warm-Fuzzy- not so much.

For the most part,  this
intention is a no-brainer.
Regardless of what my personal
experience may or may not have
been, I know these people.
These are my people. I've shat
in the same outhouses as these
people,tilled the same gardens,
danced around the same May Pole, Drank the same Tea,Prepared the same meals,fucked under the same moon...

The Radical Faeries had a great impact on the shaping & cultivation of my individual spirit.

Now, I'll tell the full story in another loooong-ass blog entry, but for now, I am at a place where I can look back and see the value in the viciousness & the culling of our weakness-es into strengths.

Trust me, if you need any help in finding out what you need to be working on within yourself, any Fae with probably read your beads with ease.

Wanna Spare yourself some grief? Just ask a Queen or whatever the appropriate term is these days.

It has been awhile since I've thought about these roots. Their re-emergence is significant. I look forward to an open-hear-ted re-connection with a tribe that has grown in it's diversity and now includes so many others under one mighty umbrella.

I know, intimately, the schism that brought about this inclusion & the #realness of the birthing pains that resulted .In fact, I'd say it damn near killed the entire body,birthing this new baby...but yet, there you all are...Still plucking away at endless consensus meetings & Steering in an array of even more colors,gender reflections & expressions of the divine in us all....

How could I NOT feel an affinity with this Great Spirit,with people like this,with people Even though I'm not into panty hose & high heels personally.

In my almost 40 years on this plane-t & all the places I've seen- Never has any people moved my Earth-y Gen-X Soul more than the Radical Fae. 

I am proud of this organization & it's subsidiaries/affiliates are out-there in the world, living the real-ness of their existence,making a difference every day..Thank you!

THAT is a process I support with my WHOLE HEART & now, YOU CAN HAVE SOME MONEY from G.L.C. to help with the necessities. 





Dolls, $10/month reoccurring is just the tip of what I have planned. It must be a two-way street though..I am NOT as NAIVE as when we first met & won't fall for the same kinds of bullshit in this dept. Get real or these monies can go to a sea of other WORTHY ORGANIZATIONS!  We-Moon comes to mind immediately.

I'm not into micro-managing my charity BUT I"M ALSO NOT into throwing my coins away at useless, ungrateful assholes either. as any sane individual would be.