What WordPress Options Really Flip Your Bippy?


Let’s take a break from those hot-button blog entries & wax technical for a bit,shall we?

Tell me,tell me.

Q: What are your favorite WordPress do-hickies? Your Fav Theme? Font? Colors?Gadgets? Plugins?

Q: Which are your least favorite? Did one break your entire site? Which one?

Q: Where do you create your WordPress-magick? The spare bedroom? The corner coffee shop? In the middle of a giant field in your high heels?

I’d love to know how YOU work. Are you down for some Arty-techy-shoptalk?

Q: What kind of WordPress do you write? Health & Fitness? Video Games? Underwater Basket Weaving?

Q: Are you a newbie, medium ranged or are have you been blogging your ass off for years?

Q: What is the best advice you’d give another creator? What would you most like to know?

Inquiring minds want to know! Please feel free to contact the blog anytime with your experience. Enjoy a lazy Sunday,L.A.~

From My Gen-X Soul to Yours,