The sIDEs of March OR The 1% of The Mind


H-ear this piece Spoken by the Author HERE

Mood: Like Grandma Maple or maybe even Vickey, watching Season 04,Episode #25 of NORTHERN EXPOSURE =Shelley=me:)

Ssshelly Ssssings abouta Sssnake

Up-Date: 3/15/18 11:42am

My mind is BLOWN with the introduction 2-me

of another fae-rie,

With the same type of magick,of similiar roots, some Earth-y, some Air-y,

B4 this I thought I was the one-ly one,


no-one had ever readi-ly gotten my pun,

Everyone thought it was just-plane ole’ fun,

B-u-t lil’ did they know,or 4 that matter, me,who me,under the Old Vic-key T-ree?

ALSO,That there is such in-credible po-wer;

(in words), laying in-wake 4 those that

dont co(lo)-wer,

Lowering the vibration when you are in fear,

Missing the FULL meaning unfolding so near, so clear…right t-here in your ear,

Saying ” Yes-s-s-s-s’ this is mE!!, also included/a-part of h-er divin-ity,

Not v-oid! b-cuz I have a dick,

Not 2be cr-ass or a plain dumb-ass, b-u-t

just 2b


Like the oil in the engine

of the motor

of the mind,

lubing up areas usual-ly restricted from the H-ines,

I must sp-eak 2them in words they can h-ear,

all the jargon thrown at them has only built fear,

In the minds of the masses,

who spit & say “Asses“,

a dis-her-tation just won’t work, this time, without EyE lashes.

Today I real-ly realized that VERY little of what we c-all the ultra Rich has 2do with mo-ney.

Does that soundfun-ny?

Not 2b real-ly about the mo-ney? Oh, let me tell you,huuun-ey

Don’t feel bad,don’t feel mean, neither did Eye, until most recent-ly,

When i relocated just for Winter,I went for love into the Hinter,

To a place I would have never gone

If it wasn’t a must, so,really,y put up a fuss,

This space, so opposite to my nature, I never would have choZEn 2 go,

Q: Is This The 4th or 5th re-vision? A: 4th going n2 the 5th Me:Oh,ic

Couldn’t get ’round it though;

My Boo resided there,he was no foe,

So, i closed down the camp & headed South-Southwest,follow-ing only my intuition & what mEye heart chakra knew best

It fell on me at the end of Janu-ary, this Muse and her all-consuming signal,

So powerful,it almost

made me a can-ary, no duh

IN a cold mind of some e-lite, dropping dead from the va_pors,

Just another of those




that neVer get re-solved b-cuz the victim was ap-pall-ed,

By some-things he’d c-n & herd.

De-spite his in-tensions,and his many,many mentions,

Of his true-est na-ture & the Muse,


With his racious,provacative style & their not-so-coy re-marks,

It’s that rhyming word that started the sp-arks,

That almost burnt my w-hole house down, Those were the exact orders from The Crown,

Un-til some-thing else inter-vened,something unseen,

Slowing their wrath,?-ing his intent 2b mean,

Was it 4-real,realness and t-rue,

Or did he possess wisdom available 2 man-y,b-u-t used by few?????

click: mama caNn One-ly s-ing…*cries like a baby 4dayzzz

dayzzz, i tellya


I dis-like having to dis-claim the above video by explaining that this was the most soul-FILLING, initimately-personal, just-btwn-me-&-Her conversation. A message of trans-dimensional affection Soooo intimately familiar with this connection. This had nothing to do with anyone out there….it was my choice or not i let u see, to share.