The Exquisite Existence & Treacherous Terminus of Count Cagliostro


(a.k.a. A 'Storehouse 4 Wandering👻👻👻Souls' a.k.a. JAMIEESPY.COM aka


based one-ly & soul-ly on what I understand about this most-intriguing character.I do not claim to be an expert on any/nothing other than myself, and eVen than, only half the time;)  I am simply a resonate crystal on my dirt path to Shamamabala.

**With that being ⌨key-stroked,
I,sure as sshh💩it, feel
a kin-ship with this
(& a few others)on leVel/s
you wouldn't believe me,
s/eVen if I typed you.🙃

FYI: As of Press📰Time, I am not affiliated with any group or organization that would even know the name of this mysterious gentleman.

Other than a great Uncle in a Swedish Town in Alabama, I have never had any members of my family involved in any group(s) that may/may not be mentioned within this blog-space.🖥🖥

*Accurate 2 my aware-ness.

*Please Pardon any faux-pas
or Unintended Offense
while covering this

Posted per *1Fair0-Use7 to educate,not diss your group. or prevaricate

Also known as Giuseppe Balsamo, This gentleman has quite the story to tell....Bear with me,Folks. I'm just adding the visuals right now. I'll spare you that pretty horrible movie that was made but we'll still have fun!  brb

🍄 Q: What would your 
WorDMagicK Magi
Name Be? 🍄

Mine would be,(aaand I've thought about this b4 that simi-liar sound movie came out.he is a hoTTie though,eh?:)...

🎰 s/eVen|L|eveL\s 🎰




P.S. If you are into tent camping & are headed to the Grand Canyon N-Eway -

YnoT swing by 
4 a S-P-E-L-L? Ur Invited!



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