The End of ‘Childhood’s End” & The Right Now.

Yo,yo,yo! W.b.

Any other Arthur C. Clarke fans out there in WordPress Land? This book was an absolute FAVORITE of mine growing up, right next to Douglas Adams.

They even made a schlocky SciFy Channel movie of it.At least,they got the major story highlights right. B-U-T you see, I knew even as a lad,there was something special about C.E. It felt different than the tons of comic books and other SciFi stuff I had laying about as a kid.

So much so, I must have read it two dozen times coming up in B.F.E. Alabama. Not a whole lot else for a creative-type full of Sylvia Plath excerpts & Baudrillard ideas to do in the Wiregrass if you weren’t necessarily into “muddin'” or W×LM××T parking lots.

I love that shit now(muddin‘,not the parking lots) but back than I was a pretty shy……..Okay,let me stop the b.s. right there. I have never ever been a “pretty shy” anything.

Even when the usual gay,dick-sucking rumors began to float around in high school, I didnt deny anything.I OWNed that rumor and got an entire basketball team as a reward for my pubescent honesty. Scorn too,sure,but, truuust me, it was WORTH IT!😉

I share that with you to set the stage, so as to, see for yourself what makes this novel stand out (with &) against other classics like 1984 or Animal Farm.

Wait,what? You don’t think a silly scifi novel should be included with that elite literary group of soothsaying,big-wig novels.

Well, you’d be missing my point if you stick with that mindset.

Like 1984 AND Brave New World, Childhood’s End was written in a style readily absorbed by millions of readers,for decades.

SPOILER ALERT: IF you don’t want to know what made the ending so out-of-this-world, stop now.

Since this is a bizarro LiL’ WordPress blog, we can talk straight…or as str8 as I can be. The ending of this special book is not just the product of the mind of an incredible Arthur, it revealed a PROFOUND & occulted reality that we are about to see I-R-L,as OUR childhood is about to (finally) end.

Pink Floyd even wrote a song with the same title back in the day. Take a sec to click that link & reread the lyrics as you listen to this fantastic song.

🎼”Childhood’s End, Your fantasies merge with realities…” 🤤🤤🤤

Sounds pretty familiar,eh? You bet it does! We are reaching a monumental court-change in this looong game. Loong meaning centuries old,hell,maybe even millenia.

Even if you are filled or paralyzed with fear or,if you’re like me-there is a certain surreal glimmer in your eye that reveals a certain esoteric enjoyment of the thrill & excitement of a pre-apocalypic great earthquake,

🎼” All The Fears You Never Voiced, Say You Have To Make Your Final Choice…”

Are You Ready For A “Peaceful Invasion” or the manifiesting into this plane, our Galatic Overlords or Plane-t Caretakers?

WOW, but…they…look so….familiar. 🤔Like, we’ve already got this whole structure of ideas and cross-connotations built ready in since birth. Why are they red? Cloven-hooves, saaay whaaat?😎

Be it Karellen or another plane/plain Ambassador, true-ly prepare yourself to witness a VERY similiar event that will be taking place in the very near future.On every screen,EVERYwhere.

Project Bluebeam aside, you have to admit one thing : We are living in extra-ordinary & interesting times!

🎼 All The Iron Turned To Rush, All The Proud Men Turned To Dust,

And so all things,time will mend, So this song ( & blog entry) will end.

Have A Happy Hump Day, G.C.!!