Tesla,Edison & 17 Other Examples of Idea Theft


Nooo, I'm not really going to list seventeen examples. (although, I could)

We can nail it in just one. The one.

Q: Why didn't Nikola Tesla sweat his 1st boss, George Westinghouse or J.P. Morgan?

A: He KNEW he owned the keys to a MUCH more valuable factory errr,tower!

Everyday, artists & creators & even corporations are spending million$ of dollars on copyright infringement, liable ,yada-yada-yada. 

Q:Do you think Nikola would have given a shit? WWNTD. Now,THAT's a bracelet I'd wear.

We don't have to guess. We know by Mr. N. Tesla's actions.  Can you even BELIEVE he ripped up that Westinghouse contract?!?!?!?

Q:Do you realize that would have made NIKOLA TESLA a bezillionaire, & NOT Westinghouse?

NIKOLA TESLA was the gas in their fancy-schmancy lamborghinis. Idea Thieves like THOMAS EDISON were just being the capitalist, American PIGs they really are. 

A: As oink-y as it was, you can't begrudge EDISON for living his truth. That's all he knew how to be. 

Who is the profane

one now,         

Mr. 7 Mrs.  Moneybags?

Q: Did you know he never invented anything. He STOLE IT bcuz he had the $$$$ to STEAL it. (Symbolic,eh?)

Q: Did you  know THOMAS EDISON murdered innocent elephants just to make a quick buck?

Q: Did you think the "Greed-Is-Good" corporate raiders of today invented that game?

No,no,no. Limitless greed is as ancient as this infinite plane

So are the players.

Q: Why even waste the energy trying to debug & defrag an operating system they have spend millenia building?

A: You don't have to if you don't want to.

Why not withdraw from that format and code your own.

You can, ya know.

Not in the marketable "The Secret" way. There is more to it than that.

(The Only Secret I want to know Is how they got us to pay FULL price for HALF truth!)

In true HOLLYwood fashion, they left out some very important factors in the equation. Only


us the most appealing & cash-catching parts. Sorta like "What The Bleep.."

What a disservice to my dear Proletariat & I.  Just like them, I thought "The Secret" was going to really tell us something there. I should have known better. And you should have too. They NEVER do.

They are not INTERESTED in empowering you or me with the truth. They are SOLELY interested in your money and your cash alone. Please don't think any different. They don't.

History validates my words,Big Wigs. I don't need anything else to prove my point. Look it up.

(YOU, not your secretary)

Napoleon Hill once told me to "Think & Grow Rich". That's exactly what I'm doing....organically.

You don't have to sacrifice substance to scheme a buck. You can create something worthwhile and STILL make a buck. Look at Wayne's World, Beetlejuice,Clerks, the first two Batmans...shall I go on?

Brain Food For Your Hungry Soul.


Happy Thursday,People. Almost there.