“On The Dirt Path…” Author’s Note

Hey,hey people!

Just a quick word on the OTDP2S Blog-vel*- The ficitional story is based on a TRUE STORY.

Due to individuals involved and perception methods employed,This story must be told in a fictional,allegorical manner per U.S. Law.

*Now that the structure is in place & I am through this experience, I can now process it into something you will readily be able to understand and ENJOY! Thanks for your patience.

This Blog Author came within a butthair to getting his pants sued off per Copyright laws. I was,for the most part,ignorant of these Laws.

The other part consisted of the all-2-common idea that,my dear proletariat,has:

I’m such a small fish. Why would

They possible care about me??

This may be partial-ly true but the WHOLE FACT is covered in two words:


This is every toy, every image,every slogan,every logo,every melody,every color scheme,every NAME and more associated with all those things,even when they feel like you own thembecause they were apart of your childhood memories, Understand-

they are NOT yours! EVER!!

In my case, I was not even monetizing any of the GenX memorabilia YT vids. I was just doing something fun & creative with my Winter UpTime.

THEY could give a shit about your creative flow or Muse!

BOTTOM LINE: If you use even the smallest sound or image that is meta-tagged to belong to someone else,YOU open yourself up to a universe of legal ramifictions with the potential to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to create,and eVen more.

ANSWER: Only use media you personally have made or that is clearly in the Public Domain.

*☆Publicdomainpictures.net has been an absolute LIFE-Saver!

***Do NOT just Gxxgxe Image your topic and snip the first thing that pops up. Chances are, it belongs to Getty Images,whom offer paid access through their website.

The intricacies of Section 107 are worthy of your time and understanding. It protects, NOT neuters, our creative expressions when they use the intellectual property of others.

Being no fool, I have now copyrighting all of the my names, title, catch-phrases,etc.

Fortunately, b-cuz of the informative,FREE nature of JAMIEESPY.COM & affiliates, many aspects are considered a Public Service. You are rewarded with several noteable gifts,such as automatic cc protections if all media/content go together, when your goal is unselfish & geared for mass better-ment.

Check all the INFO at USTPO.GOV


<3, J.E.