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Ha! Neither is


Dancing Monkey!
Reception Now Clear


wait a minute.

"Look Deeper" on the other website? what?  Reception fuzzy.I turned the switch off already.If I SEE if, I'll SAY

eerr, Title it.

I thought you were
Thanks for unblocking
that notion.
Block me,schmucks.
It's all good.
You matter about as
much to me as I do
to you. But you're
the dicks, not me.
You'll need that
#voice one #day.
foolish foolish

wait a minute.

"Look Deeper" on the other website? what?  Reception fuzzy.I turned the switch off already.If I SEE if, I'll SAY

eerr, Title it.

Me neither.

As Ian&I ran around shopping on this beautiful day, I began to mull a ...errrr, thought about the nature of our relationship.

You & Me,my dear proletariat.

Not me & Ian.Ian & I are #bond-aged 😉

I wondered if I literally have to sell you something to get you$to 






I really dislike being OBVIOUS!
#alot It's #nofun

Before I threw up a little in my mouth, I took a deep breath, and walked past the bento box


& with seamless ease.
This was a sincere query.


I do not want to sell you anything. I don't NEED to sell you anything. I have enough.

That is not where my perspective is.

That is not where my mind is.

That is not where my motivation is.

That is not where my heart is.

That is not where my ~FLOW~ is.

Sure, there is the Gen-10 Store on this site TUB BUT, if you hadn't noticed, those are AMAZON ASSOCIATE links, not to my warehouse full of nostalgic toys & trinkets.

My thought in placing them & making a store in the first place, was to spread it around a little to those folks a bit-coin.

You see, I am not a hoarder. I do not believe in the need

for scarcity

to ensure stability.

That runs so counter to my grain, I could just shit.

Q: Where on Earth did that come from anyways?

*scratches mind*

Q: IssI THAT part really as- above-so below?

If That is the case,that would also mean we are made in the imageegami of "the above".

Q:Does that mean there exists a "god" as mean & vengeful as the one depicted in the Old Testament?


And if you are into the image-copying thing, wouldn't that mean part of our shared monkey dna would ALSO be part DIVINE?

Think about it.

Maybe that "junk" DNA really ISN'T "JUNK".
Maybe there is some SERIOUS "JUNK" in that trunk!

Oooh, la-la-la-la-LA-LA-LA

Q: What does your muscle memory have in it's banks that might answer this question?

Something already buried deep within you. Something you don't have to qualify for.

Something you don't have to sacrifice for.

Something that is ALREADY THERE.

Something you don't have to service.

Something that does not require your adoration to sustain itself.



I bet ,my dear Generation X ,aren't the only ones that contain the answer already bundled into their Spectrum package.

I repeat,



just one or two or three of us.


This single group or that special class


This bully pulpit or that attention whore


This persona or that brand or this "celebrity" or that #One


This consumer product or that particular brand of cookies or gum


This current hunky sex symbol,kitty kat, or teen American idol winner


This pearly-gated neighborhood where fear runs higher than Th(ey)eir property taxes


This Lamborghini owner or that Bentley Driver from the other side of the railroad tracks,do UC?

My burning-heart question for you IS:

Q: Are you REAL-ly ready for that?

We've been divided for so long, fighting amongst each other that I'm not really sure we could handle the thought of "Utopia"?

We certainly haven't been able to in the past.

Q: Do you think anything has changed about human nature from


years ago?

Q: If this is where we are at now,at exactly level did we start from?

Q: How many lives do we have left?

Q: Do we need to stock up on quarters? or does "Eden have enough to go around"?

(yes,another shameless
TOOL lyric reference.
THEY are also a muse
of mine or
we share #one,rather)

A: YOU tell me.

Inquiring minds really do

want to know. We have longed & burned & yearned for that knowledge for as long as most of us can remember.

Q:IS that the abysmal hole in the soul of both proletariat & quote



Q: IS it the name for the emptiness they feel at night,when everyone has gone home to their OWN LIVES, to sleep with THEIR OWN their OWN BEDS?

Q: What do you fill your hole with?
And , for ONCE, there is no hidden,duplicate,
underlying,gemetaric innuendo to that one,Folks.

It's only 6:45PM & I feel the #Oscar #Orgy #Ritual
draining my energy all the way out here in The Valley.

Stay Sane, L.A.

From My Gen-X Soul to Yours,


P.S. Carly Simon DEFINITELY wrote a song about you. Bet you can guess which oneMister Virg--err,Ego.  Spit on my insight,will you. At least you proved a point

tonight. Danke' & Donkey Balls~

P.S.S.  The Muse says "The title to the next entry will be called"  Automatic-Blogging For Beginners: You Can Too! "