Method Acting. Method Blogging?


I know you’ve heard of Method Acting,but would a similar process work for writing??

“Isn’t all writing method?”

You may be asking. Perhaps, but not exactly like Stanislavski’s prescription for actors.

Method writing,so to speak,would be natural for eye-witness accounts of literary non-fiction, but what about for a juicy, thrilling ,”fictional” storyline?

Would the Author have to spend weeks inside their heads,using just their imagination & a word processor


Is there another, more direct way to experience this method for writers? A 5th dimensional direction that could,literally, induce (or maybe EVOKE is a more accurate term), the plotline experiences into this 3 dimensional reality?

You still with me? Take another toke…aah,there ya go.

If our eyes are projectors instead of cameras & this whole 3 dimensional plane is the movie screen,PLUS add some Sacred Geometry,Alchemy & Kabbalah and


What you could end up with is a living,Real-time series of events that you have manifested (kinda like the dream demons of the Himalayas) into your spectrum by use of will & imagination.

A sequence of happenings only another Adept would truly understand,yet, the layman could also truly enjoy.

Now, imagine that as these magickally-induced scenarios manifest,you know your job is to write all of it down in raw form… be processed into something digestible,yet, still profound in it’s own right in the near future.

You can’t believe how one situation after another lines up to reveal each piece of the plot in a way YOU ALONE know is a gift from the Muse.

You dare not try to explain this method to anyone! You tried to share it with a loved one,but they only looked/listened at you with a malaise tangible,even over the telephone wires.

No,no,no. If you wish this flow to continue,you must keep the actual mechanism quiet & basically, just be a witness, scribe & channel for the esoteric.

To go even further,WHAT IF, this “storyline” involved an industry so massive & powerful….so filled with indoctrination & mass control, that even just the plain facts of the matter are mind-boggling to comprehend, much less remote view.

Now combine ALL of those ingredients,stirring in a dash of your own personal existential exuberance and


You have..” ‘On The Dirt Path To Shambala‘ by Jamie Espy”

OTDP is the recorded account of what I true-ly & real-ly experienced in Los Angeles in the Winter of 2017-2018. Told in THE ONLY way I can LEGALLY share this story with you….a fictional novel,or in this case, *Blog-vel.

This experience involves magick,mystery,celebrity,ritual,remote viewing,real-life interaction, danger,intrigue and soooo much more.

I’d much rather just tell you straight out..naming the big names that would make your fuckin’ mouth hit the floor in shock,however, I just dodged a $1.7 million dollar infringement lawsuit. I am NOT over-ly anxious to re-experience that chapter again.

I believe this work will be finished by the end of the 2018 Tourist season,as GLC is the PERFECT place to coalesce this psychically engaging fable.

Thank you,as always, for your time & attention to this bizarro Lil’ WordPress blog.

*A rooster crows somewhere in the distance

Time to start my GLC day. Happy Tuesday,X-ers!!