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Hey hey,people.

Besides being fun to say, the word "banal" has particularly special meaning  in our modern age of S8's and Iphone Xs.

Simply put, it is what everything has become. Summer blockbusters, High School Proms & Christmas, ladies,Gentleman & (space reserved for the appropriate pronoun)

Yes, even your favorite customer frenzy-dollar-ritual-orgy has become less than satisfactory, both in your & the shareholder's experience.

There is a reason for that, you see. A reason that none of these fancy-schmancy Ivy League douchebags will ever tell you.

AND it's not because they necessarily are withholding's BECAUSE they DON'T KNOW. or Can't know is a better way to put it.

These folks have no Earthly idea what it is like for anything to mean anything anymore because NOTHING means anything to them.

The hollow Heads of Industry, The "Magnificent" Marketers of Madison Avenue , the Raucous Rock Stars of Los Angeles . Not all of them, of course. Certainly the majority though.

Empty,sparkling celestial bodies twinkling ONLY when the lenses are focused on them and then COMPLETELY freaking out when they are not. They even complain about having all those people the doctors office, on the video set, at Rage...but the REAL fact of the matter is...

.WITHOUT THEM, they would be just like you and me,
my dear Proletariat
And that thought scares the SHIT out of them!!!!

And not just them. It is a fear shared by all the upper echelon. One common terror that scares them so bad, they deliberately watch each other's Piranha backs to keep one of them from sinking into .**now wait for it**** P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. *dun dun dun*

(at least, their definition of it)

Now,THAT is what i call "Socialism". Sheesh.

Do you realize most of these people have never even pumped gas,much less, driven their own cars. Now, don't go playing that "celebrity" card with me,A-B-C-D-E-F Listers.

I understand. I live here too,remember. I know how the paparazzi & TMZ hound you day in and day out.

I understand how that makes you feel at the end of the day..both "viral" & abysmal...both at the same time.

I've been busting my ass with these blog entries & pretty pictures & witty puns, to communicate that message to all of you in the best & only way someone like me can.

(Do you know how hard it is for someone like me to raise their vibration higher than 300 million souls??

Oh wait, yes, as a matter of fact, you do.)

Do you know how much time I'm spending away from my husband fulfilling this futile quest.A quest that I neither selected nor really wanted to write about in the first place. Chances are, you aren't even anywhere near WordPress. I can't wait until the focus changes)

Through the energy of my own imagination & small artistic efforts.

Just like you, I'm sure the majority of people aren't going to get my bend, my style, my M.O. That's okay. I'm accustomed to that by now.

My dear Proletariat looks at a spelling error as THE WORST MISTAKEN IN THE WORLD ( and don't mind tellin' you allll about it for dayssss)
BUT I look at that as a chance to occupy the hyperfocus of the consume....errr, individual and steer that attention where I am guided to direct it.

Meeeh, maybe that is too complex for anyone other than my Stoner-ass to grok. It's not that external validation is a driving factor in the least. Well, at least not the superficial & flaccid kind.

There is nothing more filled with joy than when two (or three or four) artists can cut through the noise and connect on a level that transcends their mortal monikers and vibrates the same expressive energy they share.

Not all musical collaborations are the faux-product of the relentless,soul-gobbling Music industry. There are some out there born of an exquisite & burning need to communicate what is inside them.

**Broken record plays**

Tool,Puscifer,A Perfect Circle are a few examples of what I am talking about. If Maynard was a plastic-ass, Standard Industry Product, he would have just stuck with TOOL.

Maynard & the Boys have made millions of millions of dollars! (at least,their Labels did). He could have been completely satisfied with his path at that point & stopped. Any of us would.
Except, he didn't. That wasn't enough to fill his soul. So, he pushed further. He literally SPIRALLED OUT.

(talk about practicing what you preach)

BuT HE WASN'T SATISFIED with just one channel of expression,therefore A Perfect Circle, therefore Puscifer, therefore Cadeudus Cellars & so-on.

THAT is an example of an authentic artist in today's music industry. Believe it or not, a few are have survived the transformation in the early 1990's.

THAT influenced all genres, not just rap music.

Well,Folks, I am being "Meow"-ed off this box by a GIANT-ass
black Maine Coon beckoning from the hallway. He is DEMANDING to be fed immediately.

(his name is Quincy)

Have an awesome weekend! Cheers.