How to S-p-e-L-L “me”, “you”, + the 2 (-or-) E-Z Love Lessons




ALL You B-U-T-full People Out There In Wa-Wa Land. SoLovely2cu!!


Jaaaamieeee Espy here,coming to ya BRIGHT & EARLY on this incredible Saturn-day  Unmourn-ing

near the Grand Canyon.

  As you can see in the above pic, Sol has just started his daily path up & over and this GenX Gemini is breathing in every lil' gracious Ray,ready for a B-U-S-Y day full of  Flagstaff errands.

1.) Purchase New Porta-Potties

2.) Order 2 tons of gravel

3.) Order 3 NEW Cabins

4.) Spend all your money at HXXMe Dxpxt

5.)  Unload Max(the MDX) & start the work/FUN!

I had the wacki-est dream earlier this morning.  You folks know those little tiles of magnetic Refrigerator Poetry snippets? 

Like me,i bet, some of you have 3 cases covering every available surface of the good ole' ice box.

Well, WHAT IF the tiles WERE


Like these

 In this pre-dawn dream, they WERE! Dozens & dozens of those lil' words & phrases on posts that you could just pull up &out of the ground and mix-n-match your word magick in unprecedented portions,all over the camping grounds.

Let's make it Re-al..

The home improvement store will be receiving a hefty transaction from this May-Fae.2day..

Our local hardware store is one of the most WILD-N-CRAZY things you've ever seen in the middle of B.F.E. 

No ordinary storefront would due for this rural lil' hamlet. We needed on shaped exactly like the Great Pyramid(s).

I am here quite often, and not always for the lumber or deck screws. This time,though, they don't have exactly what this Poetry Project will require.

The 50 miles to Flagstaff are a JOY not a drag due to the stupendous route right through ancient pines on the 180East.(<--click there 2c4 yourself)

You seee, T-H-I-S/That is my speed,my bag,my secret mojo, my preferred modus operandi

Traffic jams are usually served on toast here within these high desert corridors. 

Never have I EVEReverEVER seen traffic like the 405. Hole-y Shit,ya'llll....You wouldn't real-ly believe it until you spent a FULL three hours to reach your 5mile ahead VICTORY exit. (<---Drink some Rose Tea b4 clicking this stressful link)

did  it catch me like that & that was ENOUGH!  

 This Winter was spent mostly in small local bursts to the grocery store & dispensary - with Ian doing most of the driving. Thank Goddess!

I love to galavant through country paths & mountainous vistas but put me on Sepulveda Blvd

& I shriek like a violet from the

>SHEER claustrophobia<

of this very c/row/ded space.

B-u-t, hey, 2each his/her/all Own.

H-ears hoping you have a marvelous,magnificient, omni-ficent strongEND day!

Blissssful Kisssesss
From The Canyon,

<3    J.E.