Es-tat-ic Tact Toe Epiph-anies & other Dam/maD Ravings

HE-X Removal & The Spring Baby

By Jamie Espy

Hear This Narrated By Creator HERE

Right now, i have this UPtime,

to DOWNplay with words & conjure , on-line

My campers haven’t yet to arrive as Perso-phon-eee nears, Escaping a city that just filled me(maybe them) with fears,

About the angles in the arch-i-tech-churr, and the relentess-less-ness of the mob,

To the lavish-ness-ness in Nazca lines and some gent-le star bobs…&


All the way out 2the distant Valley of the Nuys,

many fine cannabis


, MANY fine highs,

Then Sudden-ly something happened,something out-of-the-norm,

Some-thing i am stuck now re-peating,B-cuz some garden soil still needsSeeding,

PL+US, now that I know Mother one-ly sings,no jibberjabbering or small talk- just sings,

add+ed: the preter-natural silence that my sweet,precious cabin brings,

Eq=uals a flurRry of blog entries inspired by The Goddess,

I know she is female

b-cuz of her bias.

It is not of the usual

aggresive-ly toned,

b-u-t some-thing kinder

,YET sa-Vage-ly Bone-d.

Write now Im listenin 2 that Faerie,

whom I mentioned b4,

Yaknow,the one that’s Air-y,

So i have to b-care-FuLL not 2copy her rhythm, its so eZ 2 do, on accident o r un-intensional-ly

We all can flow sooo similiar-ly ,

When we dance 2gether to the beat of that drum, when we finally shake free things that have made us soo numb,

To re-membering just who we are,

not just to my dear GenX,

but to all those near and a-far, that 4themselves,

have removed



3:54pm 03/15

I spy with my naked-ass I, OTHERS that look…like me,

Seeing things 4work &/or 4fun, Seeing e-x-act-ly how things are d-one,

By Cr-eat-ing your words with ex-pert craft, you have b-gun floating on a most ancient raft,

That floated down reed-filled waters of the Nile, the clen-sing Ganges & even the dark cur-rents of River Stix, just




for the magician

to knix,

B4 you call me juvenile, this photo is from a product that might be under ur bathroom sink. It made me chuckle earlier,so I snapped a pic,yaknow, 2 make u chuckle now.;D

Most of those im-mature behaviors of a child,

No,no,no not all,

just the ones that could get a lawsuit filed,

I-R-L B-cuz of your creativity,url expression and or mystery school, ITis up 2YOU to know the RULE,

Section 107 of the c-c’codeThat allows for fairuse, 107, know it, so you can SAVE ur-l ca’boose,

From b-ing destroyed b-4 u eVen b-gin,to Spread the WordMagic outside,as-well-as WITHIN.

6:29p (This is from a GPK TAROT DECK I myself created almost 10 years ago. I still have them.)