Diabolus En Musica-or-The Devil’s Interval

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    On this impromptu snowy A.M. blog entry, we will examine one of the most unusual & TRUE stories about sound, musical intervals & their power to reverberate realms on all sides.


    Did you know there is a musical interval made up of a pair of notes so heinous and tricky that most composers,songwriters

    & even modern advertising has avoided any  association with them.


    I bet you’ve heard this diabolical combination many times and didn’t even know it.  One of the best examples,especially for my dear Gen-X, is JIMI HENDRIX and his opening to PURPLE HAZE!  

    Yes, seriously. Go check it out & come back to tell me what/how those sounds make you feel when you hear them individually & than together.

    When the Tritone is used intentionally, it is a sound-vibration- invitation to elements of other dimensions & planes of existence.


    Think of it as the Door-Bell-For The-Door-Of-The-Dead


    that is essentially what it is. When played in specific order, these tones generate something TRUE-LY & other world-ly. An amazingly powerful musical incantation/evocation that requires no words to work or wands to wave.


    After listening to it again, can you feel the aggressive nature in the cadence? Perhaps, aggressive might be to harsh. Dominant might be a better way to type it.


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    Let’s define E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what we are talking about here. The tri-tone is also known as the diminished fifth or maybe eVen, the augmented fourth.

    This is b-cuz the tri-tone covers three entire musical intervals,as illustrated in that above picture, hence



    BUT WAIT!!!!

    It has Just Two Notes though?


    Check out the video below for an excellent explanation from

    On Youtube

    Despite being divided into equal portions mathematically, the sound it produces is fickle, unstable and teeters on this strange, alluring-yet-slightly-uncomfortable vibration in your ear.


    PERSONALLY, I enjoy the tri-tone when used in context and proportion of the musical story line. It is an awesome tool in the building & releasing of tension. Weren’t not just talking about in the musical structure either.

    This has real-time,right-now,
    pinch-yourself application.


    When we begin to understand what this lil’ mechanism is & how it can be used in areas that are definitely not-so-good for our hood, we can start defending against it’s subtle nature.


    Please enjoy the topical videos from YT. This is a fascinating subject full of tangible effects &  traditional re-jects.

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    Source Music In YT Video: The String Quartet Tribute to TOOL.Vitamin String Quartet All credit direct towards these creators,not this one 😉

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Taken from the Observation Loft @ G.L.C. 03/18/18