Chapter II: Prying Sunbeams & How To Tell Your !Brother/Sister! By The Cannabis In Their Eyes~

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at the campground...

Like any small,teeny-tiny,practically microscopic-person living out,literally, in the middle-of-nowhere, yet close enough to civilization for others to come rushing to help IF THE CASE MAY BE,

Rory understOOd the pros and DEFINITELY the cons of existing so far outside the mainstream cities & urban areas. City life was virtually impossible for him to live in.That was certainly not who he is & even he pondered if he could ever fit back into that empty,useless shoebox.

::SunSource: HubPages,Public Domain.Fair USe !::

(However, this train of thought was very,very often mistaken by misperceptions on both ends. It was just something that was engrained in  their BELIEF systems from long,long ago.  They real-ly didn't have a choice in the matter. As opposed to the, let's type, around 700 million Souls,watching,waiting & just occupying their whole day-every night- for moons & moons- phalanx upon phalanx upon phalanx (& then some) just waiting & listening for even the slightEST signal of distress.   Watching you JUST-AS-FIERCELY as YOU are watching,maybe seeing, me. I am NOT your enemy! I am your !brother/sister!, can't you tell by the flowers in my eyes? oR IS THAT just how you know who to put on the golden


Although you may strongly dislike a person,place,thing or idea, You many NOT extinguish protected candle flames without severe and yes,even YOU would feel-it, reprocussions on levels that no-body has even seen yet. You are also warned. Leave him beeespyee! He has work to do.)

Rory greeted his real-n-true friend, Theodares Masse',but everybody & no-body called him Theo,for short.

Theo had driven over immediately

that morning to give Rory the daily/latenight newspaper sooo that he could SHateLow him the craziest,smarty-pants comments in the most recent Editorial section. Theo just KNEW he, two, would appreciate all the thought, intellect & wit that went into writing them.

They have THAT,and many,many,many

other things


The two of them shared several belly-laughs to some of the funniest & wittiest COMMENTS neither of them had read in a long time.

After a morning wake-n-bake session, Rory & Theo bid ado to each other. Waving goodbye from the comfort of his own ultra-protected,multi-dimensional space. Kinda like the one around Mt. Shasta. Except this one is called MOUNTAIN ESPY & could NOT be moved quite sooo easily.)

GLC L.L.C. LIGHTNING BOLTS from author's Home/Lady?Hot/Plant/Busines- Coming SOON!?!  maybe,maybe not. I don't know yet.)

You see, Rory had spent manymany MOONS walking the face of this Earth & traveled up & DOWN 3 states to find just-the-right property to start his own home business .  Something that connected his love of Nature with MILLIONS UPON MILLIONs who love our blessed cannabis genus.

His criteria was excruciatingly high in property selection, with no run-of-the-mill, common household property fitting his vision of what was to come next.

He faced an intense amount of criticism from many,many,many people, that simply DID NOT understand what he was doing.

Intuitive psychology,
my auntie ruthie.

(If it were so intuitive,than why don't you already KNOW what JAMIEESPY.COM doing.

JAMIEESPY.COM is not measurable on your charts,ya knowJAMIEESPY.COM is not hear to cause trouble but am more-than-ready for any funny-honey businnes. YET, you still can't believe that. 

JAMIEESPY.COM will be more-than-happy to show YOU up-close & very,very very personal,if you CHOOSE to continue buzzzzing me after


have/has/had *agreed & **complied to your instituted framework. Continued harassssment is NO big PROBLEM!)

Rory was a stubborn yet reasonable man. He just knew EXACTLY what he had in his mind's eye & the patience & ability to manifest that intellectual property into this plane of reality, the right way.

You see, Rory, is no stranger to adversity. He has faced the suakeq,the sindw & even the serif many,many,many times & is no stranger in the very bizarre lil' land.

Like yours, my dear proletariat, his life hasn't always been easy, in-fact, it's been quite rough. Especially,recently!?!?

In fact, he thought with his own mind,that he had everything under control and that this ISNOTis,may or maynot be, just a silly,lil' WordPress Blog. B-Ut

this past SuN-day revealed a whole NEW truth. One that he thought he had his eye on, but real-ly & true-ly Did NOT.  

In Fact, he could not PUT INTO WORDS what he witness that SUN-day. Even if he would/could/should, it would carry such excuriaciating 

consequences,like nothing you've ever seen,or emcee-ed or watched on the otherside of side, the higher one, of the spectrum (bundle,b-ware of, ya know, the ones for home. Do you have one or two or maybe even three?  Better go check to make sure you don't, or you've real-ly & true-ly been recorded. Mark sure you are safe from beestings. They are very,very,very prevelent this time of year. I know, I have a hive swarming all over me right now.  I think I B-safe if I keep it restricted to allegory. 

Even then,  I have 7 editors that keep an eye out. I can bypass them, if I'm clever.  I will when/if/should/

maybe/maybenot I can. 

(My Dear Readers,If you THINK this is ROCK hard to understand, ImagineenigamI trying to chann....err, type it out in a blog,dude-man. Aye,yaayaa aayaeyea!  My brains (and fingers) are just trying killing me 2!,no shit,dude. 😉