CHP one-one : The Polarization of Duality, Wonky Equinox-i & What That Means For YOU!

…..~~~~~~Chapter 4444444thcoming~~~

#FOLD your furry #EARS if you Do WANT to NOThear THISorTHAT

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Please hepatitis C—-> here. LYRICS should B included.

UPDATE:….. 03/10/2018 8:31am Poetic Artistic


D-ResistANT 2ur <3…..URL <3>

by “Rory Recipe‘ (*TM)”:

You know what they say,hear,feel,repeat

 "An Apple A Dxxx, KEEPS the d.r. a-WAY~"


**May My MirrorrorriM b-come a SSSSPIR-AL & MAY(9)

your Spiral bee-come a MIRROR. Danke’ & Donkey Balls,Gentlemen!**

S-hel-xx-l u KNOWWW my F-l-UUUUUU-rRrYYY when she sees it or feels it or may/maybe not BOTH.

I a.M A-L-L u nEEd. U r A-ll Y-uo Bee-ed

I Do not (dis)believe that it si or isn’t or may or MAY not b- IT.

TIIT proTecTioN!?!?!?! Hey,boys? TIIT *facepalm Protection.

I thought that one might make more mental means to convery.

(damn,just take IT in small,manageable BITES and

you WILL be O-Kay. Trust Your own BIOME!!!???!

<3, J.E.