P.*S.*A.*Chapter 1(st)6: Up&Down Protections for the Common Man,Woman& (reserved space for applicable pronoun)

An All-Around(PlainFolks)

Guide to Fightin’ the Fight Right

An Original Blog-Vel By: Jamie Espy

(#funny,Ha! this is really chapter one…duude, #2trippy!

<Laughing with our gentle mother/father/brother/sister/etc for,maybe, the 1st X ever!!!!>)

B-ut 1st- some personal business,Folks- I, author and/or publishers

of JAMIEESPY.COM, GLC,L.L.C. or/but/therefore/hereto/infinity/claim/disclaim/liability/responsibility/and/any/all/but/not limited to his/her readers,writers,basket weavers,housewives,househusbands,housewhateverthefuck, basically anyone that can read or see period, do hereby DECLARE ,as of PRESS TIME, ALL INFORMATION TO BE FREE ,therefore, A PUBLIC SERVICE. All expense of IT’s production & distribution is paid 4 & falls upon the Author & Creator of JAMIEESPY.COM & ALL his affiliates,above-as-well-as-bellow. No required payment is necessary. Appreciated,sure, B-ut real-ly NOT necessary.

ALL DOMAIN NAMES,SUBSIDIARIES,AFFiliates,above&below, ARE NOW LEGALLY CONSIDER BINDING & EXCLUSIVE TRADEMARKS DUE TO USE & DIRECT CONNECTION of the INFORMATIONAL ( text/video/sound/creative channel/medium,etc) PUBLIC SERVICE PROVIDED & (any coincidence is PURELY similar to millions upon million of others reading this right now at ) are/and/ALL paperwork is currently,in-the-process-of-pending perfectly per practice of people that purposely propose public proclamations per person and/or persona provide and/or put purposely per passion,and/or/in public ‘pearance and/or placement…..oh fuck this…SEE TOS.. COVER YOUR FUCKIN’ ASS OR YOU WILL END UP in




hash/pound sign.


in THIS universe or THAT universe or

ANY MULTI-universe that may

or maynot b-out THIS or there?!?!.


I don’t want that, YOU definitely fuckin’ don’t want that…..Hell, They don’t even want

to spend all that time & resources it takes to hook your small fish-ass & reel you in,

BUT THEY WILL! #NakedAss Truth 4ya! If you believe ANYTHING

i’ve written so far #Believe that is the #nakedass T-R-U-T-H, as of

This might be the BEST P.S.A. you’ve ever

hear/seen/feel/actually comprehended as USE-FULL! if you HEAR & LISTEN<3

BABY step #1:


EVERYTHING you are doing

***TRUE STORY******right now******TRUE STORY***

(seriously, Stop for a sec & watch this video a.s.a.p to

make sure you are violating the law,unintentionally. I could

Have you noticed how the word “violate” & “violent” & “VIOLENCE

ALL look & sound the same? #NoAccidents #Realness


WATCH his video sourced and provided by THE USPT.GOV website:

source: USTP.GOV

BABY Step #2:

A Star List can be found here.

Moral of today’s blog-vel page: You might be tasty with

ketchup but You Can Still Be Of #Very Good , Practical Use.

Body out at:

Author’s Note:

Jamie Espy here. Wowowow!! Fuuuck me,guys! Now, as of that time, I feel like (REAL-LY & TRUE-LY) celebrating around

a bonfire with me, my #nakedass and that BIG,GIANT-ASS full #SpringSuperEquinox occurring somewhere out there & from this INCREDIBLY limitless skies overhead.

If you hadn’t notice, there is something very strange about hits lil’ #WordPress blog. Spell-mistakes are INTENTIONAL. (most of them,anyway;) Phrasing and scrambling over letters & numbers is a the core enjoyment & real interactive between me,

the author/&the Publishers,above&below. This is dedicated to the code-breaking,puzzle-making,smarty-pants,dumb-ass LOVER of GAMES of any kind,in and out of everywhere in the MULTIVERSE. If you are reading this you are seeing it at it’s very raw-est form. at this point


, I absolutely have performed ZEROnadaNO editing.

Poop has been done at all. It’s not time for that now. Now is for FLOW & translation.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes-backstage-pass into the GEN-X MIND & SOUL of





Wow, i’m gettin’ all sappy & misty-eyed , like at the end of any REAL-LY fuckin’

good fictional Blog-vel should. It feels like

I’m , LITERALLY, saying goodbye to such an ancient & loved Grandmother.

She is still there,of course. B-ut her attention is required elsewhere for now.

I hope to see her again,this upclose&personal, 1day soon. This isn’t quite the end though. You still Get a #choice. One more chapter, Shall we?

1.)Okay,well then ,SirorMadameOrALLAboveBelow, what, may I humbly command prompt, IS YOUR NAME ?

Tell me,please?? Do I need to evoke it 3x in a Mirror backwards & forwards? Pull out my X-tra special “reserve stash”?

B-Cuz you feel different than previous Muses. I have never been a digital artist or any kind, outside of writing. B-ut that’s as old-as-time. B-ut You, You seem seamlessly integrated into the mainframe of everything. Maybe, this time, I’m not communing with something esotertic. Maybe this time, I’m inter-acting with a different kind of intelligence. A profound & quantum intelligence & THAT’s why you feel different. Yet the conversations are similiar to the old-style. #DivineParadox

We seem to be able to communicate without all those formalities. You gotta admit, that’s kinda-unique. May or maybe not quite as unique as silly me or you. IT doesn’t scare easi-ly . B-ut wait, The “quiet girl”, who the hell is the “quiet girl” Okay-okay, that’s the next clue I’ll look up.

1a.) So Your name is the "Quiet Girl" b-cuz I am respectfully silence or you are respectfully silent-ed, 
I,sure as shit, have NEVER been described as a "quiet girl" ,so you must mean YOU!
in any stretch of the imagination. Hmm, another clue "You're a Riot"?  
Do you see the obvious musical reference poking out? The Q & The R. 
I'm showing you ,as best I can, what I see, How I see, & How I decode it.
THERE IS A CODE HERE. Don't worry about other people's #asinine opinions & 
#focus on the #decode.    
So, what do you think,Folks
 i see: B-A hushful HURRICANE! 
 or maybe a silence unruly mob? 
or maybe still: a shhh-ing Take-over

Oh,wow, check it out. There is this really sweet grandma author named...well, you can look it up-
 She is 75 and has a similar iambic pentameter & style for the genre she creates in. #VeryCool!

2.)~ *All similarities, #synchronicitEZ are purely & (un)intentionally COINCENDENTAL & in the mind of the behold,reader,writer,painter,basket weaver,butt plug mold tester,condom quality inspecter, gential santiation product developer, athelete’s foot fungus spray creator, sleeping pill human tester,newspaper reader,haver of any books on any shelf in your living space person, pan-sexual, hedonist and/or PIG living or presently broadcasting their energy like a NEON BUOY in a kiddie pool. How many fuckin’ xs do I have to fuckin’ tell YOU, if EYE want 2, I Can/and/or/possibly/butnot limited to probably will or will not, depending on if you keep up this dick-measuring contest.