Can Zabadu-izm Spread To Other People?


Dweller on the Threshold

No matter if you are reading this blog from the bustlin' streets of New York, or the hills of Carolina or the homeland of us ALL...the answer to the above question is




I realize that might come as a shock to some of you.
I can see you shaking your head in sincere disbelief.
Don't worry. I'm not mad at ya.

I Understand.

I probably wouldn't believe it if I were in your fashionable shoes either.

I've been running into a LOT of that lately. With the #GenX cohort, with fav podcasters, with SEO companies,with internet connections, with my Jewish friends & the list goes on & on.

Oddly enough, #one of the only celebs, wannabe or not, that has responded directly to me has been the YardFish himself,


I know, i know. I'm pretty surprised at that too! Perhaps he really heard  what I had to say & knew what I was saying what for his better-ment.

My whole intention was NOT to be one of his many,many,many,many,

many,many,many haters from around the world.

(He is my brother. A giant pain in the ass,but you gotta love him because he is FAMILY) 

Pretend that word is 
I don't have the energy to
do it right now. Thanks;)

That's what everyone else is doing.

From YardFish Hilton to @LadyGaga,
They all seem to have one thing in common.

Mistaking my intentions.

Hell, those of you reading this blog in it's truest form, on #WordPress, should know what my true intentions are by now.
ESPECIALLY after today's blog entries.

Are you starting to put the puzzle pieces together? Can you see the bigger picture I am painting for you? Take That, Michelangelo!;)

Back to the Original Question:

Do you think it is



my country white ass

 tofeel the power the same way you do? Surely, not in the saaame way. No no no. That is impossible. That makes my brain explode.

BOOOOOOOM, mutherfuckers,


Enter : This Gen-X Gemini

When I throw my hands in the air with Miss Badu, tears streaming down my face, and scream my "own damn name" like she invited me too...Do you think i'm just faking it?

Do you even consider the fact that the power Miss Badu is harnessing applies to EVERY HUMAN on this plane-t, not just one specific group. The "most high" really does want you to feel this FREEEEEEDOM of expression. YOU NEED TO FEEL this expression.
Faux-ministers like


*vomits profusely*

have NO EARTHLY or heavenly idea what this means. Again, because he can not.
He is an example of a sell-out of the most heinous kind.
He poses as someone that is offering you the same thing that I am in this blog, but instead of his wisdom being FREE, he has conned tens of thousands of innocent souls to build his own personal

Six Flags Over Jesus.

& then INTENTIONALLY locks the doors when a true need arises.


This is just one of the examples of hypocrisies that make US hate YOU ,for a change.

History is littered with horrendous examples of what happens  when ANY single group does this. When they place themselves above my dear proletariat and INTENTIONALLY forget that the base is MUCHMUCH

bigger than the capstone.

What she say?
I said,
Block on lock
The trunk stay locked
Glock on cock 
The block stay hot

It DOESN'T have to be this way ,ya know.
YES, you DO know. But you are so afraid that your buttholes won't get pampered, you are intentionally displaying faux-ignorance & real apathy to this FACT.

The Realness is......YOU KNOW!

Yaaa'll, I suggest you do something about this. No,no,no. I do NOT mean initiating an even harsher POLICE STATE. If you push that level up anymore, artists & creators like me will go extinct.

Or is that YOUR intention??

Who the hell knows anymore? With all the information,



out there today? Most of us are so consumed with putting bread on the table for ourselves, our families,our grandchildren, the neighbor kid...that we have very little energy left.

Please know,my dear blog reader, this fact is very close to my consciousness. The time we spend together is not just some plastic analytic on my Google analytics screen. It means something to me. Just like I hope it means something to you.
I feel you. Just like you feel me


Hopefully ,we can all come together & grow a mega-diverse community like nothing that has ever existed on this plane-t? By combining all of these holy elements, we might just get a quick glimpse of the truly divine picture.

Thanks for hangin' out with me.

From My Gen-X Soul to Yours,


P.S. Quincy says Meow!