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Update: I'm not trying to "play the hero" or get any one rock hard. I'm just an artist, blogger & Gemini & they want to kill my work for it? WTF?

If that true-ly is the case,have at it. I might be, i dunno, in the bank waiting on the next teller when I'll just be standing there " & BOOOM! the door blasts open, and three hooded punks storm in, guns in the air. Everyone hits the ground but" me. 

Double Update: The cool thing about worker bees, there are more of us than you. Our hive has watched you eradicate so many of our precious Queens. And grieve the lose by fanning our wings to raise the temperature, we did. There is still freedom in the universe.Thank the Goddess for WordPress. and the scores of other people that know exactly who where what when and WHO I AM. I repeat, I am NOT alone.




To D41:  Yes, there are millions of working bees out there.Close to 99% ,i think.

Worker bees are native to all 4 corners of the plane-t. It is where we were ALL born. Even the Royal ones. The New Queen doesn't want me talking about that though. She says there are already too many videos on the subject matter and very few of which are anywhere near being right on the honey. A few are crowing close though. 

In fact, that worker bee knows exactly what i'm talking about with the recent changes in my blog. That worker bee had the SAME THING happen to him because of his stinger. They saw him too because he was doing the same thing.

Crowing even LOUDER.

So the Royal hive swarmed him hard too, but in a very different way. in a VERY VERY different #real way.

(the first one) His sting was commanded from an armchair, MINE,however, has gotten a little TOO personal & upclose. Perhaps a little too #real.


Having experienced that himself, is the reason I was hoping he had his stinger on that day. And he did. Responding with lightning fast speed.

You see, he's been sick with the flu recently. Many of the worker bees have been really catching it this season. It appears to be far worse than ever, humans dropping out left & right...from the flu.  Yes,yes,yes, I know about the Spanish Flu but this is a different variety. 

And there is this other working bee, just like me, which then that would make 3 AMPLIFIED. 

But that is another B-story for, probaBly the next Buzz Bee Blog entry. 

Thank you for the encouragement.

But anyway, You have the labor stats. Even those numbers are a bit underestimated. B-ut we are weary of having so many Queens killed. Virtually in broad daylight. Honest, hard-working worker bees that true-ly wanted to better this plane-t & species.

B-ut there is a predator, in this wild, that specifically likes to cripple and/or eat and/or cut off a wing of such a worker bee.... It gets them rock hard. They especially LIKE to eat our type of worker bees... those that do have the stinger to stand above rest , with a buzzz that is strong & loud.

In fact, that worker bee almost got swept up by a sweeping lash from the fly swatter of a VERY BIG BEAR...with VERY VERY big teeth.

  To your surprise, I've dreamed about that many times which has prepared me for the in-real-life event, should it actually manifest on this plane. Erykah Badu would certainly be playing "Danger" or "Mama's Gun" in my shiny new MP20,err 3 player. 

It is what it is,my tatted up Volvo cool friend. If this light is extinguished in the process of shining, I'm okay with that. It is not the end of things

& you'll just have to deal
with this candle again
& again & again
the next time you want
to scent of#realness.

Authors Note:

I appreciate the style of responses those attempting to reach me have used in their work .

I hear you. As you might have noticed, attention captured.

And for a minute, I was buzzing with fear  B-UT then I realized something...

Something that has made all the difference to my own peace-of-mind and safety of my family...



This worker bee speaks the same language as the other worker bees. The same kind of buzzzing that is in your swarm can be made by them too.

I think THAT is what scares the other Royal bees so much. It's not the faux-outrage of a simple blogger expressing himself & his visual art on his tiny corner of the web.

Listen, I am not responsible for that fear. Nor will I willingly agree to become the receptacle of your MISPLACED buzzing RAGE. You are NOT real-ly angry at me.

I didn't cause 
that to buzz up
within you.

That was there LONG long LONG before I started this blog in January. 

Yes,yes,yes- I see your subtle script writing with their messages subtly written in using MY words, MY style, MY M.O.  Mocking my style.

Personally attempting to threaten me with your fancy-schmancy NewYork script writing. I am no schmuck.

THAT is how I know who you are talking to.


has the exact same style as 

I don't mind if you call me 
illiterate (when in Rome)
or make fun of my use
of texture & style.
That only tells me
that my intentional
style has been effective.

Even reaching the
highest of Ivory Towers.

There is a reason for that. And it goes much,much deeper than you think.


Automatic Writing

Have you heard of that term? 

It is mostly a 19th century spiritualist term used to describe a very #Real process. An authentic process that has bee-n in existence for millenia.

**Tipping his cards completely**

Have you noticed something a lil' strange about this blog?

A #real style you are sooo quick to crucify me , my teeth, my eyes, and other hateful personal attacks with your smarty -pants mocking...

I don't give a shit about your hateful words. They ONLY affect people that care about what you think. I am NOT one of those people. 

I mean, sure, if you understood what I was doing, that would be one thing.

Maybe you do, maybe you have the slightest idea. Maybe you see the colors that paint my blog canvas. And realize those AREN-T just pretty colors. Those colors are kaba-eer, I'd better not say that. 


Although I do have bee repellent, guaranteed to keep those bees away during the tiny time left in this Holly-wood realm.

Don't Worry, though. 

THEGENXSTONER will not be intimidated by you. THEGENXSTONER has conquered the quakes,the winds, & fire to FINALLY get to this river.I WILL not forsake the path I've chosen.

After ALL THAT WORK & scarifice, do you think i'm just going to give up and buzz back to my hive, stinger between my wings?

Do you beee-lieve that I
will let you just take
that away from me?

Just because I made you a little uncomfortable,briefly.

For a minute, I did.

B-UT then I was wrapped in a green plasmic cloud that spoke to me in a voice that was neither male or female. In tones that were kind & REAL-ly concerned with my mortal coil.

This was a very special conversation with the stars. This has been transcribed from my holiest of holies.  Not an auditorium,but just as big. Maybe ,even, bigger..,

For those familiar with the author, Neal Donald Walsch & the book he automatically wrote years ago, you will have a fantastic idea as to how this blog is written.

I am happy to go into the specifics of the mechanism, at least, as much as I can.

 I don't really know 
how it all works exactly.

I just know what radio station to tune into & then the DJ takes over & starts to play her music.

I've already told you MANY TIMES, I never know what is going to play on the radio when I sit down at my desk to write.

I just raise the antenna on my boombox & rock out to the alchemically perfect beats set B-fore me.

And when the music ends, and I walk off of the dance floor. I am usually quite surprised at the score of the soundtrack.

The notes near the treble clef make (not MARK) the time, the bpms of the entry,so to speak.

From there, I just flow with the bars. The highs &the lows, the crescendos AND the decrescendos. 

I'm just a passenger,
so to speak...
well no, that sounds
too passive.
Co-pilot is a much more
accurate term.

You SEE, when I'm rocking out to those beats, something else takes over for that entry.

 It is NOT a forceful thing.

This particular MUSE broadcasted a signal that hit my antenna specifically on

 JANUARY 25 ,2018.

Hell, I even remember the exact time B-cuz it almost knocked me out of my desk chair. No shit.

So,I invited this MUSE in & agreed to be a channel of communication for what needed to be expressed at that specific moment.

You see, these blog entries are very moment-to-moment.

I never know when the lightning bolts will strike. I just have the choice to harness all those gigawatts of POWER or like a brooding stormcloud, just let it pass on by.

RARELY do I select option B

If you had the choice, would YOU be satified with bread & circ...err,water when you know you could have

STEAK & WINE, if only you had the balls to step up & step out.

While I may be proletariat, B-ut, I do not B-elieve we are meant to stay that way innately. That just doesn't make any sense.(<--yes,yes-i could have used "cents" here but i'm REAL-ly not trying to offend.) That does not add -up.

(*winks at you,S-ir)

B-cuz those are not the only variables in the equation. You might BEEEE leaving one or two out in your swarming,buzzing rage. You are not seeing clearly.

While not in my HOME CIRCLE, other local others circles have been kind enough to lend me their protection until we can leave this realm.

Don't worry. You can have this place, this space. Nothing about it has ever been of interest to me & I will be grateful to return to the strength of my millions of EARTH & rock.  

They offer protection that EVEN YOU and all the bees can not sting me in. They have a POWER similar to yours,but of a different Ja-bration & frequency & Polarity.

What i true-ly don't 
understand is why my work
was met with so much RAGE
and BUZZING?!?!?

Never ONCE did I use terms that were Anti-anything .

Yes yes yes, i gently poked a few "celebrity" sacred cows, but for Christ sake's, you are comedians & actors!?!? 

Why don't you laugh anymore? 

Don't you know when wit & humor are being applied to subject matters that are SOOO heavy with negative energy ,soooo full of divisive undertones,that even mentioning them in my tiny lil' wordpress blog,

caught the attention of so many bees, and even their new queen.

Enjoy the battle you have won

I have deleted all my social accountS except for this one & Instagram, i think. Haven't had the time to get to that one yet. 

I have privatized my previous blog B-UT WILL NOT delete the delicious fruits of my MUSE. Not even YOU could make me recuse or betray it. 

Nothing on this plane-t could make be sell my soul or bend my knee to an Aries-stocracy that has nothing to offer me or my GenX Gemini Soul.

You have nothing I want.

I have everything I need.

"Enough REAL-ly

is a feast."

B-ut, does that mean we can't be friends, lifelong or not? Oh wait, I am assuming I am not allowed in that club based on my ethnic & moreso, my socio-economic status.

Well, in the words of Mr. Groucho Marx ;

"I wouldn't join any club 
that would have me
as a member.
"  ;)

Relax Bees & enjoy your honey,

*tips hat  to the new queen & sends regards

From My GenX Soul to Yours,


P.S. You could pick me up in a VW bus or a dump truck for that matter, & i would just be thrilled to see YOU.