AUTHOR/PUBLISHERS Note: A Blog(-Vel) Code Key Will Be Made Available Upon Completion of Work

Dearest Reader & Fellow Traveler,

Please note that you are experiencing something in IT’s raw-est for. You ARE LITERALLY reading this work of fiction as it is being chann..err,writtten. I know,iknow, I know – it is so confusing right now & hard to decipher.

Don’t Worry,Never Fear – A Concise Code Key Will Be Made Available To You Upon Completion of this Blog-vel. With the assistance of this glossary of terms,definitions ,images & Symbols- You will have a MUCH e-z-er & enjoyable time reading this complete & entire work of Fiction.

Thank you kindly for your time & attention today & every day you spend hanging out with me & this wacky band of characters. Bon Appetite’