ATTention: 4 FeLLow WordMages

Mood: peace-FUL & purring

Thank you,Ma’am, for spending your time with me,

Everything now is in very raw form,as Ive just completed a near-ly 3 month esoteric-synthetic download that near-ly killed me.

But now I see, a bullet wasnt meant 4 me,

And me just this lil’flea,

That bit the hide, of a beast so


It near-ly swallowed me w-h-ole.

I sent you that email as soon as heard,

You & G-man on my phone,

IT’s Soooo funny the signals that come to you when you finally get a-lone.

So,Danke’ for ur pay-tience as I now sift through material to make sense,

TO some-body other than mE:):)