Add-endum(s) Are Suppose 2come @ the EnD<-->NOT-the- Beginning! (Read 2nd)

**O-kay,Folks,if you are still with me You are meant 2bee here. Please have patience with this material until i can process it n2 something coherent & readily understandable by ALL. thank you 4 ur atttention:)
Author’s Note 4This Blog-Vel Page: By Jamie Espy

When there is no option remaining,

but to communicate while craning,

My Eye to see you clearly. between the lines

is an invitation for the Hine-s,

To,Also, come learn

how-to see

you so



A-l-l-egory is your 1st/Best Code Key
(Notice: All times displayed
 in this story are fictitious,
completely & entirely; only acting 
as a potential accelerate to the make-believe & boom-bastic timeline.) 
 SEE this awesome song & video by one of my favorite singers.


no-body really has
black,etc skin or really white,etc skin, unless,of course,
you’ve been beatin’ or are dead.)

Welcome Back,Folks- If you are just joining me at

then there is something you need to know:

This bizarre’,lil’ blog from the


has been intentional #LIVE-ACTION



Aye, a difference kind of performance,

from a difference kind of perspective,

A Voice you may/maynot view as useless, & frivolous

just plain-rude, and/or mischievous.

but in reality…

#truth b TOLD-

<–this dude was the 1 setting the

most definitely incurring some status quo-


watching(#seeing/listening&recording) Each One Play their Part.

B-ut YOU SEE, it wasn’t just me, SEEING YOU,seeing me…

You were specifically the focus, of a kind of hocus-pocus

To bring you out of your synthetic hypnosis;

Into the “real-world”, to show your hand,

then SNAPshots taken to show all of man,

The EXPOSURE you fear is almost HERE,

As we are entering the last stretch of the race,

No(w) is not time for a beer, or even time 2 shed a tear,

We don’t have much time now for a snail-slow pace.

This year (2018) will go down in His-tory

as the year ushering in the misery,

That ,for decades, artist,writers & poets wrote about.

You never really thought,

Our numbers, they bought

Long before we fell out of mama’s crotch.

However, They sure did, b-ut not only that

You are just chattel, petite,tall or even fat.

You are not even man,b-ut a hue-man,because you don’t fly,see or speak;

That’s not what the author,but all gatekeepers think.

That we’re all stupid, useless wastes of space,

Some even dedicated to cultivating a superior race.

Not the one you’re thinking,

that’s been apart of the mirage,

The convincing illusion,

The Doubled Helix I mention,

mayormaynot be a family relation

Whose fellow Capuchin blood

leaves a(n) universal-ly

identifying mark.


Pardon the

<—-misdirection, or the coy remarks

That’s NOT what’s true-ly

in my <3… It was just a means,

a role, a



Ive always understood your con-


about the fabric & what you can

Calling IT by the name, that place you call

And a be-zillion other dimensions not2


you could tell,

when your

cast a spell,

To make him stand out..


you shouted back; “He’s a #Lout!”

He is intimate w/an everyday vibration,

the one that’s YOUR ever-present frustration,

Of the (non)flyingmonkeys that don’t know the rules.

That’s what he’s bee-n trying to say,

in this most-backwards way;

By “gent-ly” pushing the line out further than most,

But never actually breaking anything, that I could boast.

But IT’s not like that, no-way & no –how

B-cuz I know THE RULES ,now,just as plain as any cow,

The Problem lies in the translation,

A mass appeal not conquered yet by any nation,

To speak to souls,on their base level,

about something not crushing, not evil,

not even the Devil.

Silence is golden in many other vaults

For all kinds of men,women and/or/other;

Despite all their many,many,many faults.

My hope from the beginning was to be that voice of reason,

that types the same language as those,

My true intention always being , however it was seeming was

To communicate clearly through my entirely fictitious prose.

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