Addendum BEEespyEE: The Rising Sign -INTRO- & J.E. Blog Primer (Start HERE!)

**O-kay,Folks,if you are still with me You are meant 2bee here. Please have patience with this material until i can process it n2 something coherent & readily understandable by ALL. thank you 4 ur atttention:)

Poking at Ur 3rd i :);)(actual) page1

(page order not yet finalized)


2 the Home

of Something Very-Very Different.

A Multi-Media, backwardssdrawerof Fable Designed

4 The Modern (& Ancient),

Puzzle-Lovin’,Code Breaker In U.S. All.



::in his best movie announcer voice::

*a real-ity applicable 2 all humanity, an awake-ness that comes with a COST

b-CUZ FreeWill is a Multi-Dimensional Virtue.

The Choice Is Y-OURS!


You’ll Need 2 Know A

Few Things Before u Proceed:

1.) YOUR imagination & CREATor-IVITY rUr YOUR BIRTH-WRITE.

It is inherit in your D.N.A. It is ALREADY-YOURS.

You do, however, have to properly


2.) Almost all misspellings and/or grammatical “mistakes”

are INTENTIONAL,an essential part of the art & story line.

If something sticks out to your &/or really

gets under the skin of the grammar gods,IT is a CLUE.

3.) This Blog-vel (*tm) is encrypted with several additional plot & story-lines.

No-body will always see the same thing. Some-body might see one thing.

Any-body might see another thing.

4.)Like Any REAL-LY GOOD video game, your reading experience will

depend on your current level. You may LEVEL UPdown at any time.

No quarters required.

3.) This Blog-vel will contain a multitude of (legally) embedded multi-media.

Each media should be read in the order you see it on the blog page.

Linear or sequential order is not necessarily established here.

4.) A further glossary & reference guide will be made available upon

completion of this completely & entirely fictional account.

5.) This Blog-vel* was created mostly on a Windows desktop.

Mobile viewing can be somewhat limiting.

6.) There are absolutely NO coincidences in this Blog-vel*.

If you think or feel something during reading, perhaps that is YOUR INTUITION.

Develop Trust In It’s Sound.