7 Self-Sabotaging Habits of My Dear Proletariat

🎧Quincey says, “Listen Up,Folks!”

1. 🍄YOUR Perspective IS Everyone’s Perspective.

One of the all-time worst self-sabotaging behaviors belonging to ANY socio-economic 💵class is our #1. We are ALL guilty of this one,big or small,short or tall.

It has become kinda natural to think everyone else holds the same values, shaped by the exact same⏸ experiences,had the same kind of parents, grew up in the same ‘hood,etc.

YET,this mistake has a devastating effect in a-dolt-hood.

Don’t believe me❔❓ Go read the online ratings for your local oil change place or fav eatery……don’t worry, I’ll wait……………………………………………Back?

Yeah, exactly! Goddess forbid those negative experiences..they really must have just been sooo horrible and life-changing….that person took the time and energy to fill out 4 paragraphs of bullshit psychic transferance onto those poor folks with oil under their fingernails⁉️⁉️

Yaa’llll, if we want things to ever change in the future,we must STOP doing the thing we’ve always done in the past.

(That is paraphrased from a book I’ll be sure to note on our Sources page.)

In order to “grow up“, it is essential to understand WE are ALL real-ly uni-que, colored by different fantastic life crayons given to each & every human with a flesh jacket.

The “main-stream” enjoys mocking us by calling us “delicate”,”little” and/or “snow❄flakes”. Words that are ultra-ironic coming from a ☃️soul-less abominable ☃️snowman!☃️

Screw🔩 them! Choose to evolve by stepping outside of yourself and true-ly considering where the other person is coming from before issuing your final 🎭judgements or decrees.

2.🍒The 40 Hour-A-“Weak” Wage-Slave Mentality.

Perhaps the fierce-est of modern control mechanisms is

the 4(8)0-work-week.

First off,it’s more like the 💸60 to 80💸 hour work week thesedays with shit for benefits or even a decent discount on the crap you hock for them all day. Oh,Norma✊Rae, where are you today?

GOOD📰NEWS: With just a little clever-🤓ness-ness & ingenuity,you can break out of this soul-crushing cycle. You may,however, have to get off your 🏃‍♂️ass🏃‍♀️ and sacrifice boredom. You can do this IF you choose to.

3.🍌Money Is The Answer To Everything.

Does it enable freedom on this plane? SURE. B-u-t, why do these silly,yet pretty green paper💵rectangles,which are chock-full of spell🌘craft and magick massive scale magick ,dominate this existence so complete-ly and thoroughly?

Every realm of existence has it’s own form of “currency“.

Why do we think if we suddenly won the lottery>PO🌬OF<all our problems would mysteriously disappear?

Sure,because wealthy people automatically receive a golden🦄 unicorn🦄that takes all their issues & personal baggage away with its long,hard horn and gallops them away into the sunset,farting 🌞sunshine & rain🏳️‍🌈bows along the way.

Sound silly? So does thinking that just money would solve all your fuck-up-ness & that it is the only key to universal🌐 happiness & contentment.

4.🍉Success Means Following The Prescribed Routes.

NEWS 📺BREAKING: You don’t have to follow ANY other template for success that does not resonate with your soul 100%.

College not for you? Great-make your dreams come true on your own terms.

Understand,though, working against the accepted grain may significantly increase the time it takes to make it happen. Keep it re-al & try not 2give up right before the rain🌧falls!

*Disclaimer: this does not mean you shouldn’t examine how other people have manifested their success.Please do!

5.🍍The Amount of Education & The Accu-mulation of Wealth Have No-THING To Do With Each Other.

Yes,yes,yes– this one is just a re-peat of number four. You’re right,b-cuz you are kinda on the hard-headed side,yaknow 😉 :*

Stop🛑letting other people tell you how/what you can/can’t do and JUST od It!!

6.🍆Obessions With Mannequins In Store Windows.

I can’t really ellaborate on this one, currently, under penalty of the law , but just think about all the life-less nouns on screen📺& in windows-from small📲 to large📱 and ask yourself “Just Who is in charge?”

7. 🍞LOST: The 6’o Clock Dinner Table.

Aside from hours of glorious, unsupervised freedom, this is one of the most precious remaining GEN-X artifacts. This regularly 🕰scheduled ritual was/is the daily glue that held together healthy family units & groups since the dawn of time…meeeh,what do we know though?

🍗Pass that 🍗bucket of (genetically modified-grown-in-a lab-beakless) 🍗aviary🍗

with a side of insta-quick,faux🍟potato and something that sorta looks like🍝 gravy. Its brown,anyway. Yummmmy!

Happy Mo🌛on-Day, Grand Canyon!!