YARDFISH,Bong Hits & Golden $hit Bubbles

Hey folks. Thanks for heading back. 

That Us vs. Them entry needs to brew for a stronger taste  so, here's something a bit raw & unedited.I've thrown some music underneath it  just to make it palatable.   

I would have just deleted this audio (and almost did) but a LITERAL power outage just happened here @ the condo.

Now, I could have ( & usually do) edit the HELL out of my work until it is as perfect as I can make it but, this time, I'm just going BAREBACK!  Raw, unedited,unfiltered ,natural & REAL.  no script.

In the audio/video below, We talk about everything from Yardfish Hilton to Call Me By Your Name to MAD GIRL'S LOVE SONG & SOOOO much more. 

If you dig it, Welcome Home, if not, that's cool. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers !


P.S. That video is age-restricted,fyi.

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#RawAudio But #WorthIt