Related To Grock Rods?

What if the lead singer of Tool/Puscifer tucked you in every night?

Could you handle having Lenny Kravitz as your dad? Or Tori Amos as your mom?


These thoughts are almost too amazing to comprehend. Aside from having an extreme advantage with every step you took. You would have the power,the charisma, & artistic ability of your ROCK GOD parents divinely flowing in your veins.

Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler

What would YOU do with that?

How would you manifest your creativity if you had no limits in doing so?

Why do some real life children of rockstars squander the ability to travel down a most exquisite route ?

For fellow Creators out there in WordPress/YoutubeLand, we understand how intense & powerful that artistic flow can be. Especially if something is REEEALLY tickling our Muse. 

How many times has a song or image popped up & you immediate set the scene in your head of it's perfect application?

Do you have scores of notebooks or rainbows of Post-It notes covering your creative space?

I damn sure do! Digital devices only go so far with this Gen-Xer. Writing these artistic impulses out on paper, into the physical realm is essential to my process. There is something magical about birthing ideas from mind to material world in this fashion.

  No matter how fancy Youtube makes your Studio or flawless Wordpress is, it will never take the place of pencil & paper.

Are you a visual person? What is your creative process like? I'd love to know how YOU work.

Do the words come first? Does the melody? Do you see colors or smell smells with your art?

This aspect of humanity is as close to divine as I've ever seen. The one that makes me the most hopeful for the future of our species.

Few things are more existentially orgasmic than the ability to perfectly expression your thought through your medium in a way that makes you say...DAMN, that's fucking good!

No, that's not narcissistic or arrogant. Any artist will tell you they KNOW when they create something flawless. Conversely, they also KNOW when they have produced pure shit.

It's always intriguing to see what some do with their talents & the path that enfolds around their choices.

Despite having an Asshat in the Oval Office, I truly believe there has never been a more inspiring & incredible time to be an artist-creator of ANY sort.

Long gone are the days of our MySpace blogs & LiveJournals!

Even if you don't feel like an "artist" just because you aren't covered in paint or smell like horseshit, the avenues of external expression have never been more wide & accessible to the entire proletariat.

If you have ever wanted to express your abilities & never have, NOW IS THE TIME. You have but to pick the medium and the process has become  damn near fully automated.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this, or any subject you find profound & interesting. Please,don't hesitate to reach out. I'm as anxious to hear what you have to say as you are to say it.  Until next time.

Happy Friday,X-ers! 

(SUPERTROOPERS 2: 4/20/2018)