The Calebs vs. The Profane

Part 1. The Profane

Welcome back.

It may seem like this is turning into a celebrity blog. Because yeah, that's just what WordPress needs,right? More mindless pages of empty fame porn. 

**Vomits profusely**

Although,it is  crazy good for the analytics. 😉

Don't worry. I am Gemini TT. My depth is vast & varied & never stays too long in one place.

The Muse is just heavy over these folks right now.It all started with that damn Culkin dream. The lucidity of it tripped me out for days!

Alex Grey, CoSM

My mind's eye is focused in on seeing them for the moment. I did not choose this topic. I would not choose this topic.

And to you,Celebs, Don't worry. No new stalkers to worry about. It's not like that. Your concern is justified though. The only people you trust are the people that knew you before you popped Fame's cherry.Got it.

Oy vey,Who in their right mind would want your job?

The crow's eye never lasts too long on one person,place or thing. I must admit,though. This one has been extra fun.

NOW, to the business at hand. 

Let's cut the small talk,shall we?

My dear Proletariat,

The people that you admire so much. The folks you just can't seem to watch enough of. The gals in the posters on your wall errr,wallpaper. The band that is playing in your ear right now. THEY ALL consider us PROFANE!

I use that word very intentionally.

The above definition is via Merriam Webster &  hits the nail right on the head.

Understand that the most PRECIOUS & VALUABLE thing in the whole universe you can give- to  your husband,to your wife, to your kids,to this blog, to #Disney- is your time & attention.

Capturing it has been the soul-mission of many squeaky clean corporations and is the guiding light of capitalism itself.

Let's not play coy. Not coy. Not here. For fuck sake. Not here.

Can there be just one space in the entire multiverse that isn't inundated with bullshit ad nauseam?

From Neil-"never actually been in a real academic debate"-De' Grasse-"the Showman of Science"- Tyson to Kim Kardashian showing off her big fat ass, can we give it a rest for sec? Please.

    Oh,Right back @ ya,Neal- you glorified Snake Oil Salesman.

Layer upon layer upon layer on the heads of the masses until they don't know their own asses from a hole in the ground.

(That's the point,I realize,but damn.)

Over and over and over. From crib to crypt.




This is the fiduciary programming. The most basic of coding. It knows nothing else because it has been programmed with nothing else.

This trickles down to the brands and/or celebrities they own.  Own, in every sense of the word.

( I wish Mrs. Tubman could have known these people.)

Do you think Gaga can take a shit in public without the written permission in triplicate from her label?

  Do you really think Katy Perry likes the horrid direction she's been pushed into? Wtf is that album cover all about? 

Hello,Marilyn Manson,
Animals calling...

Stripped down to the most common denominator- to be fed to the masses download-by-download, by a relentless,soul-less universally-organized system that exists for one thing and one thing only. By any means possible.

And when that well dries up, your severance package is an apparent shotgun blast to the head or,if you are reeeally lucky, a stint in Las Vegas.

Bless Her heart.

I'm not here to point the finger.

I'm just not going to address "celebrity" in the same way millions of mindless monkeys do. I see you. I live in your jungle. I know who the "king of the lions" is, the "Wizard of Oz".

I understand the necessity of secrecy.

The mob can get a little rowdy with bearers of wisdom too,ya know. Nobody is exposing any secrets here. So,Relax.

  There is just no need to bullshit me or anyone else that has found their way to this bizarre lil' blog.

I see you. We see you. Here's your chance.

Let's recap what we've learned so far: 

Q: How do our favorite celebrities truly feel about us? 

A:  Get away from me, you lowly profane subhuman piece of shit. 

Get the picture?



Part II: The Celeb Side