Necessary Pains In The Ass & Other Butthole References

 Welcome back,Folks.

Two Words:

Since that first "celebrity" post. My servers went #gonzo with traffic I could never have imagined.

And for a change, it's not just some guy in the Phillippines hotlinking my awesome pics & stealing my #bandwidth.

Thank you, #WordPress people! 

I know this is YOU! I don't want to be coy about this either.  I've been experimenting on all the platforms with WORDPRESS emerging as my favorite channel of expression. 

I feel the most comfortable creating here. The most natural. The other sites have all these rules & regulations that sucks the soul RIGHT OUT of my work. I don't like that. It feels wrong & rape-y.  

Thank the goddess for #Wordpress!!!

You have my main attention & focus right now. The postings on my Youtube channel are just a courtesy at this point. Used mainly so I can embed them here with mucho ease.

No, I'm not "havana"-ing it with WP.

I am expressing my sincere appreciate for this medium.

Never has expressing myself felt so good ,right & natural. My voice amplified in ways every artist/creator dreams of. I'm #supremely grateful for this & I'm just beginning to #unleash this Gen-X soul here. 

So, Holy shit! Speaking of supreme gratitude, I received a phone call at 9:33am this morning from one of you out there in LaLaLand. A telephone call that expressed an #artistappreciation from one2another.

 "That's MY purse!"

Now, I know it's unfair to prick-tease you like that, BUT I promised them I would not say anything yetMutual trust & respect is #paramount , Folks.

 Now more than ever.

This event,however, needed to be recorded for posterity in this instant, so that I may point back at it on a future date. 

The THANK YOU Shoutout needed to go out now BECAUSE now is when I'm feeling it.

Hang in There,Xers!

The next installment of  US vs. THEM will drop soon! 

Thanks for reading/listening.