Protection Chant. One Size Fits ALL.


Incredible!! Yes, I may be “xxxxx” but I still can FEEL the electricity in this ancient prayer. My  friends,

please don’t think i post this arbitrarily & without #intense #reverence. I true-ly do,

For many decades, this has transported me directly into the throneroom of the Deity.

 ($@369n is a looong friggin way, ya know 😉

I do hope you don’t mind me posting it here. It’s not like we have an official department downtown

to check these things with. No disrespect intended. QUITE the opposite. #utterreverence .

I know, I know – How can he POSSIBLY feel it? Feel anything? Silly , profane xxx!    Funny thing is..

.it works for me too.

I start almost everyday with these transcendent tones. It has been apart of my daily routine for almost 13 years.

  Sooo, Let’s put all that aside for now & just feel the power together, shall we?? Awesome!