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If Only

I would conquer the world with my imagination,with galactic empirical data….I would align the planets in harmonic convergence….If only I could find my lighter. All of the stresses of living this mundane-ass existence and all the assholes that cut me off in traffic would be meaningless…..If only I could find my lighter. Limitations and gravitations of my observations would just …

Eye Opener

Puzzling together the pieces of this wacky-bizarro experience has left me with a bit of a PSTD-sque body. More details soon…promise.

33 Days Away: Notebook 1

Aside from my patchy memory, I have a ton of these illustrations & doodles during this time period. Here are but a few:

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Misdiagnosed Kayne

Now Folks, I have never spent one Ioda of time talking about Kayne West….until now. Most of us know him by the wacky things spoken in excerpts of concerts and sound bites in sound clouds. So,what makes his latest round of “babbling” significant?? B-cuz He’s telling you the truth & I know it BCUZ i’ve just finished LIVING the …

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The Instagram Feed

Jinkies,Shaggy!? I’ve completely forgotten to tell you that my instagram is HelixMuller I just assumed all of you knew that already but,perhaps I shouldn’t just assume. This feed is meant to be a companion guide & both are suppose to work together to present my illustration clearer. To my long-time FB friends, Lucky you! You get a bonus 3 stream …

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Further Convos w/ Pockos

Oct 26 8:51pm J: Boy,what a difference 24 days makes. I cant believe it has been that long since we had the previous conversation… X: Feeling better? J: Much! 4 volumes of questions blaze through my head while I’m sitting here in this quiet place. X: Do you want to talk about what’s currently bothering you? J: Sure,but it’s not …

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Synchronicity: The Board Game

COMPONENTS: This game includes 24 Inspiration Cards, 24 Dogma Cards,Bank Money, the Game Board & two dice. Number of Players: Synchronicity is suited for individual play but also accommodates up to 7 billion players in the same round ;SEE Advanced Rules for more information. Minor rule changes may be needed to keep the game moving in real time. Contents: This …